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Modular lounge suites are a popular choice and now adorn the lounge rooms of many Australian homes. This widespread adoption of the modular is not just a result of the stylish designs available. What is the winning factor for so many buyers is the practicalities that come with this leisurely design.

Enhancing Style

The leading lounge suite and furniture brands have taken the modular sofa to stylish heights. Some designs can create defined lines and symmetrical spaces, whereas others create a soft and lush space. Whatever your tastes, and whatever look and feel you’re going for in your home, there is a modular sofa to fit any home décor.

Commanding the Room

Large rooms can often be difficult from a design point of view as you want to utilise the space without having too much going on or risking the space appearing sparse. The modular is the perfect accompaniment to a large space to command the room without engulfing the space. Size variations are available in most leading brands, so there is a modular to fit your large living space.

Storage Solutions

Many modular come with hidden storage spaces. Whether you utilise this for keeping those extra blankets, pillows and cushions, or choose to cleverly disguise clutter, these areas can become a highly practical addition to your lounge room and your lifestyle.

Extra Sleeping Space

The modular sofa is known for the added seating areas, which is a bonus for any busy living space or just for added comfort. Yet the other fantastic benefit of this space is the ability to utilise the modular as an extra sleeping area for guests. Many modular come with a sofa bed installed, though virtually any design can be pieced together to create a comfortable space for guests.

View the beautifully stylish and highly practical range of modular sofas available at Valentines Furniture. Browse our collection online and then come visit our Bendigo store to find the perfect modular to complete your living room.



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The Chesterfield is a style of leather sofa that that has been around since the 1800’s. This historic furniture type is believed to have been commissioned by Lord Phillip Stanhope, the fourth Earl of Chesterfield.

The Chesterfield is known for its distinctive quilted leather fabric, deep buttoning, and low seat. It is said that the Earl was a trendsetter and commissioned the Chesterfield to be fabricated so that gentlemen could sit upright without creasing the garment. This has not been proven to be true – however, being seated on the Chesterfield is a sophisticated manner in which to sit, and the sofa does have the Earl namesake.

The Earl had a great appreciation for the lounge and it is said that Chesterfields were commissioned because of admiration for his furniture. With the furniture aging and wearing well, the appearance only improves with time.

The Chesterfield sofa has kept its charm and distinguished name to this day. Primarily used in London’s gentlemen’s clubs for a long time, all variations of Chesterfield from the 1800s until now were inspired by the original item.

The Chesterfield has been successfully transported to other nations and it soon became a symbol of British style. It was commonly associated with gentlemen’s clubs, and a furniture piece for the men of the house. Men would often smoke their cigars and drink brandy on the Chesterfield, while the ladies of the house sat in chairs nearby doing their needlework.

Associated with luxury, the Chesterfield now is a sought after piece for many moderns homes. It has been used and associated with royalty, was a key piece in Victorian times, and has over the years furnished many hotels, restaurants, and corporate offices.

The Chesterfield is a well made and durable piece of furniture that is associated with style, sophistication, and luxury. It is the perfect blend of comfort and style.

For more information on our beautiful Chesterfield range, contact us at Valentine’s Furniture.



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La-Z-Boy is a versatile furniture brand. The La-Z-Boy brand is known for their beautiful pieces, versatility, and durability. The brand began in 1928 with their recliner. The recliner was automatically popular for its superb comfort and style. The brand became an instant hit — it grew and expanded quickly and continues to grow today. La-Z-Boy has been available in Australia since 1970.

A Range of Quality Choices At Valentines Furniture it is all about providing you with the best choice for the most affordable prices when it comes to our Lazy Boy range of sofas and recliners.

We stock a range of La-Z-boy goods including sofas, lounge suites, power chairs and occasional and dining furniture. We have an extensive range of the beautiful recliner chairs that have made La-Z-y Boy famous. The superior recliner has many patented parts which give a unique reclining action that is unmatched by any other recliner chair. There is a range of around 180 models built to match sofas – they go with a variety of styles and décor.

Versatile and Comfortable Pieces We stock La-Z-y Boy because it is versatile – there will always be something in the brand range to offset your home. Our customers love the brand because it is comfortable, looks great, matches a variety of looks and is great value for money.

The La-Z-y Boy brand is synonymous with style, comfort, and durability. La-Z-y Boy stands behind their brand with outstanding warranties giving you increased peace of mind. Every piece is designed as a quality product that is comfortable and reflects your creativity and style.

Stylish and Durable When you purchase items from the La-Z-Boy range you know that you are purchasing a time-honoured product with an outstanding warranty. It not only looks great – it is functional and durable too.

The comfort and style of La-Z-y boy match its reputation. We are proud to stock La-Z-y Boy as one of our quality brands. Browse our extensive range of quality La-Z-y boy furniture items online or experience the quality instore today. Contact us with any queries.



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Ekomes ASA is the largest manufacturer of furniture in the Nordic regions and owns brands such as Ekornes, Svane, and Stressless. Stressless is one of the more famous brands. They are known for creating beautiful tasteful furniture designs and have something to suit every style.

Ergonomic Design

Their range of stylish chairs and lounge suites have been built with the ergonomics of the human body in mind. Everything has been designed for extreme comfort and relaxation. Stressless is a luxury brand that is extremely therapeutic, long lasting and innovative. Their furniture is beautiful as well as functional and will withstand the test of time.

The first Stressless recliner was produced in 1971. Stressless has spent over 40 years studying the human body to ensure that their items give us the utmost in comfort and support. They continually refine and improve every detail. The innovate comfort design is incorporated into the brand’s line of chairs, loveseats, and lounges. Individual adjustment is possible in each lounge seat to maximise your comfort.

Creating Comfort Zones

The designers of Stressless are constantly researching furniture trends, innovation, and design. They are known for producing unique comfort zones in their furniture pieces. These zones are designed with holes in the foam so that you can relax and sink deeply into your chair. This innovative design puts Stressless ahead of their competition when it comes to comfort and advances in ergonomic furniture design.

Stressless provide the ultimate in furniture for comfort and leisure. The brand has been made famous for providing extreme comfort at affordable prices.

There is something from the Stressless range to suit everyone. The furniture is not only ergonomically brilliant but looks fabulous and will offset your home and décor. Stressless build exceptional ergonomic pieces that are the ultimate in comfort, style, and longevity.

Browse our extensive range online or instore today, or contact us with any queries.



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InternasjonalMøbelGruppe (translating to ‘International Furniture Group’) or IMG, originated in the beautiful region of Sykkylven in Norway. Their furniture pieces are practical as well as aesthetic, and are intelligently produced to provide outstanding comfort and high quality.

Design Excellence

We choose IMG furniture because of its comfort, durability, and excellence in design. The brand is stringently designed, engineered, and tested in Norway. IMG are passionate about their products and are continually improving their designs.

At Valentines Furniture we love the range of furniture that IMG produce. IMG’s drive, resourcefulness, attention to detail and creativity is apparent in every piece. Their designs are of a style that is simply not produced by any other brand.

Maximise Your Home’s Look

Using quality brands of furniture in your home you can maximise your look. Using quality items such as the IMG brand gives you the opportunity to create a consistent look throughout your home. You can mix and max other pieces during various seasons to update or freshen up your look.

Mix colour with some classic pieces in the form of throw rugs and pillows, and don’t be afraid to change items around. Utilise lighting in the form of lamps or dimmer lights to create an impact.

Maximum Comfort

IMG of Norway put enormous time and effort into the design of their pieces. Each item of furniture is tested to ensure that it is built for maximum comfort and is made using the latest in technology.

IMG are known for their comfortable recliner chairs which can be manual or motorized. There are a broad range of modern colour and designs available.

Designs are compact, attractive and supportive with exceptional quality and comfort.

Leather Upholstery

The majority of IMGs products are made from leather. Leather has a lifespan of over four times longer than that of fabric making it hardwearing and durable as well as beautiful.

IMG products are a fantastic way to offset your home and add a touch of elegance and comfort. At Valentines Furniture we choose IMG of Norway for its durability, quality, and supreme comfort.

For more information on these incredible furniture items contact us.



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Your sofa is the hero of your lounge room and one of the most used pieces of furniture in the home. Whether you are buying your first sofa, replacing an old one or upgrading to something more suitable for your growing family, here is why you should choose a modular sofa from Valentines Furniture.

What Is a Modular Sofa?

Modular sofas get their name because they are made up of several ‘modules’ that fit together like a puzzle to create one completed piece of furniture. One of the biggest benefits of choosing a modular is the flexibility you get as they can be rearranged to suit your needs. They often include a chaise, so you can kick your feet back and relax, or even lay down for a nap!

Modular Features

Most modular sofas include a chaise or recliner, round or straight corner, left or right-hand configuration and an I, L or U shape layout. This means no matter the size or shape of your space, your modular can be changed around to fit perfectly. You can shift things around for movie nights, family nights or parties, depending on how many guests you have to accommodate.

Stylish and Timeless

Modular sofas come in a range of shapes, sizes, materials, and styles. Whether you’re after something fabric, leather or microsuede, you are guaranteed to find something to perfectly suit your décor. Modulars are timeless as they allow you to change the look of the sofa as your family grows and changes.


At Valentine’s Furniture, we only stock the highest quality modular sofas from brands that build their furniture to stand the test of time!

For the best prices on stylish, sophisticated and durable modular sofas, come in and visit Valentine’s Furniture in Bendigo today or click here to contact us.



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Purchasing a new sofa is a big decision. Your sofa is the beating heart of your living space, it’s what you fall into at the end of a long day, where you share family movie nights with the kids and enjoy a glass of wine with friends. That being said, it’s important to get it right!


When it comes to comfort, there’s no looking past a luxury leather sofa. At Valentine’s Furniture, we only stock the highest quality, expertly designed sofas, made with comfort in mind. With brands like Lazy Boy, Avenger, Cambridge and more, you are guaranteed to get comfort like never before!


Purchasing a sofa is an investment and you always want to choose something that will last as long as possible. Higher quality materials such as leather are always going to last longer than cheaper, synthetic materials. The leather is known for being resistant to tears, holes and other damage.


Leather sofas are the perfect choice for families. When children and pets are involved… so is a mess! They are easy to clean when compared with fabric choices, as they only require a simple wipe down when spillages occur.


There is something sleek and classic about a leather lounge. They add a sense of elegance and class to a room in a way that fabric cannot. If you are after something timeless, that will never lose its charm, then there is no looking past a luxury leather sofa.


Leather sofas are hypoallergenic, and they don’t accumulate dust mites or pet hair, making them the ideal choice for people with allergies.

If you are looking for the perfect, luxury leather sofa or lounge suite for your home, browse our furniture online or come and visit Valentines Furniture in Bendigo today!



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If you’ve been looking for a new recliner to incorporate into your home or office space, one that provides pure, honest comfort and welcomes you into relaxation the moment you sit down, then look no further than the Stressless recliner chair.

Not only are the Stressless recliners the most comfortable seating experience on the market, they also offer flexibility with a range of colors and materials to choose from and have been expertly crafted with sustainability and eco-friendliness in mind.

Key Components – The Stressless Difference

The Stressless recliners consist of beautiful, sustainably sourced leather; soft, luxurious fabrics and strong, European Beechwood. The leather and fabrics come in a range of colors and the Beechwood comes in different finishes, allowing you to select the perfect look for your home or office.

These recliners also comprise of a multifaceted set of springs and a soft, quality foam that gently supports your entire body as you sink into it. All aspects of the Stressless recliner have been assembled with the highest level of comfort and enjoyment in mind.

Our Stressless range also consists of a free-standing ottoman that we believe makes a big difference to your seating experience. The ottoman is key to comfort and relaxation. When you fully relax in your recliner, your legs naturally move forward, leaving the ottoman to support them with its built-in glide function which gives a feeling of complete weightlessness.

Expertly Engineered Features

In today’s stressful world, we seldom have time to sit down and relax so when we do, we want maximum comfort. The Stressless recliners have been expertly engineered from the inside out with this in mind. Whilst we take pride on the sleek and modern designed of these recliners, it’s the work that has been put into the internal aspects of the Stressless that really make this recliner unlike anything else on the market. With its advanced lumbar support technology that moves with your body, rather than against it, the patented ‘glide’ technology which allows you to adjust your position effortlessly, the headrest to support your tired head and neck after a long day, and the intelligent 360-degree swivel system; there’s simply nothing else that compares.

Why the 360 Swing Component Is So Important

In order to be completely comfortable in a seated position, we need freedom of movement. Our bodies are constantly readjusting and have a natural resistance to being in one position for too long. The 360 Swing component of the Stressless recliner allows you to swivel a complete 360 degrees whilst you are seated. This also means that once you have found your most comfortable position, there’s no need to get up when you need to face another direction. With the slightest movement of your foot, you have complete control of your orientation.

What is the Glide System?

The glide system incorporated into each and every one of our Stressless Recliner chairs was designed to give you maximum flexibility in your movement and position, with very minimal effort. The glide system gives you the freedom to smoothly adjust your position, simply by shifting your body weight.

What is The Plus System?

The Plus System was designed to allow you to adjust the position of your head and neck, all the way down to your lumbar area simply by leaning backward or forwards. We have studied the way the body moves to ensure the headrest and lumbar areas move in complete synchronicity for the perfect reclining experience.

If you would like to know more about the Stressless recliner chair or any of the Stressless furniture range, get in touch with the experts at Valentines Furniture in Bendigo today!



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La-Z-Boy has been the trusted name in recliner chairs since 1928.With 70 years of experience in designing and manufacturing furniture, they have certainly got it down to a fine art and are now the most trusted name in recliner chairs around the world.

La-Z-Boy is Iconic

Whilst La-Z-Boy was founded in America, its still a largely iconic name here in Australia. When most Aussies think of recliner chairs, La-Z-Boy is usually the first name that comes to mind. Why? Because reclining chairs were invented by the two cousins who started La-Z-Boy in1928! In 1961 however, the business really took off when the La-Z-Boy brand introduced recliners that not only reclined but rocked too. That year, sales went from around $1 million a year to over and above $52 million in the following 10 years. From there the La-Z-Boy brand introduced other types of furniture such as reclining sofas, fold-out sofa beds, and modular sofas.

Quality is Paramount

La-Z-Boy is well known for the quality of their recliners. Each piece is carefully and thoughtfully constructed with comfort and durability in mind. Every recliner is made from the highest quality hardwoods and reinforced with steel for strength. They also have a patented 4-sided ‘Unibody design’ which can only be found in La-Z-Boy recliners.

This means everyone who sits in a La-Z-Boy recliner will experience full body support with a focus on lumbar comfort, regardless of their seating position. Many other recliner brands construct their chairs with the back separate from the seat which results in a loss of lumbar support.

The Best La-Z-Boy Prices

La-Z-Boy is a family owned business just like us here at Valentines Furniture. So, for the most competitive La-Z-Boy furniture prices, contact Valentine’s furniture in Bendigo today.



Comments Off on The Craftsmanship Behind IMG Furniture

International Mobel Group, or IMG as they are better known, are a Norwegian furniture company with a passion for designing and engineering furniture that delivers the ultimate in comfort, support, quality and craftsmanship.

The Science of Body-Correct Ergonomics

IMG is passionate about incorporating state-of-the-art technology into every piece of furniture they create. Whether a chair, lounge, sofa or recliner, each and every piece has been carefully thought out and tested by their Norwegian product development team.

IMG believe that each piece of furniture is more than ‘just a piece of furniture’. Your chair, lounge or recliner can be a personal haven for you. A space to sink into every day that perfectly supports your body, allowing you to de-stress and unwind. IMG really go the extra mile to create next-level comfort and use the human body as a map for their designs, ensuring comfort and ergonomics are always a top priority.

IMG use a special‘space-age’ material around the interior steel frames of their chairs and lounges as well as a sinuous spring system which provides natural, ergonomic body support.

Design and Craftsmanship

IMG combine state-of-the-art technology with a sleek design to ensure the result is the best of both worlds. When it comes to design and craftsmanship, their philosophy is both ‘old world’ and modern with the result being simply stunning. Their pieces can be perfectly incorporated into any décor, whether it be classic or contemporary.

Providing the highest quality pieces to customers IMG incorporate comfort, health ergonomics and space saving ideas into their craftsmanship.

Buy IMG Furniture from Valentine’s Today!

At Valentines Furniture, we only stock the highest quality pieces from manufacturers around the world. For more information and the best prices on IMG furniture, get in touch with our team today or come visit our store in Bendigo!