Wood Care & Wood Furniture Restoration Bendigo

Wood: evolved and grown by Nature.

Wood is one of nature’s most precious gifts. When used for building quality furniture, it is elegant, versatile, and incredibly long-lasting. Wherever it is used, wood always conveys a sense of warmth, a pleasant smell, natural looks, and other unique and pleasing sensations.

Wood: cut and shaped by Man.

Man has used wood for its great versatility to create beautiful timber furniture over centuries. Shaped by the creativity of artists and the skill of master craftsmen, wood takes on new forms, assumes a life of its own, and becomes an art. And as such it finds its place in our lives.

Wood Furniture Care Products & Furniture Restoration Bendigo

With correct care and protection, wood furniture never loses its natural beauty. That is why Valentines Furniture offers a wide range of timber furniture care products and furniture restoration services in Bendigo and online to ensure your timber furniture remains in pristine condition.

This includes furniture care kits and products for taking care of wood surfaces, such as wood cleaner and polish, touch up markers and furniture care products to remove scratches. These timber furniture care products are great for cleaning, protecting and repairing of wood furniture.

We also offer full furniture restoration services for all timber furniture in Bendigo that will restore your wood furniture to its former glory.

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