Molmic Furniture

Molmic Sofas, Lounge Suites & Couches

The Molmic name has earned a reputation for professional excellence and sincere personal attention, as recognised by several industry awards. Molmic sofas, couches and lounge suites are handmade to perfection. It is however our relationships that we most value. It matters to all of us that each customer is satisfied and feels that we have responded to what they needed, wanted and imagined.

We know from our customers that a couch is more than an item of furniture. The couch is not just a centrepiece for a lounge room, it is central to the experience of a home. That’s why it is so important to us that all the steps along the way are taken with the appropriate thought, consideration and care. Each detail of our processes; from sourcing fabrics and timber, to designing, constructing and upholstering, is done meticulously in the one Melbourne plant. It results in flawless, durable and beautiful Molmic furniture – lounge suites, sofas, couches and more. Shop with Valentines Furniture for the best price on Molmic furniture.