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Welcome to the World of Luxurious Italian Furniture

Scappini & Co is proud to present to you an exclusive classic range of Italian furniture. We’re thrilled to offer a fine blend of expert craftsmanship coupled with a luxurious Italian aura. Scappini Furniture is the leading supplier of exquisitely crafted modern Italian furniture in Australia.

The designers and artisans at Scappini & Co have travelled throughout Italy in order to bring the best modern furniture designs and craftsmanship from the by-lanes of Italy to Australia. Scappini’s classic furniture designs and products are primarily inspired by the intricate craftsmanship of the skilled artisans of the Verona region of Northern Italy.

Experience the ancient history through the classic furniture styles at Scappini. From Venice to the Naples, and Florence to Milan; craftsmen and furniture designers have taken into consideration the rich history and iconic heritage of Italy, to create a bespoke line of luxurious furniture.

Scappini & Co is the one brand which offers luxurious furniture in classic and contemporary styles that instantly add glamour and bring sophistication to your home. Presenting an exclusive range of wooden furniture for your living room, bedroom and dining spaces to the home bar and entertainment areas, including storage areas.

What makes the furniture styles of Scappini special?

The beautiful pieces are embellished with handpicked walnut and briarwood or inlaid veneers; gold and silver; or lacquered with antique finishes. Scappini & Co also specialise in crafting customised furniture designs suited for your lifestyle. All the wood used for creating the Italian furniture designs is pure wood of the highest quality –  either walnut, briarwood, teak,  etc. The fabrics are exclusively handpicked from the Italian markets to suit the furniture style and compliment your home.

Browse through the Valentine’s Furniture website to check out our exquisite selection of luxurious, classic and modern Italian furniture. Scappini offers the following range of Italian furniture styles:

  1. Accent chairs
  2. Lounge suits
  3. Luxurious beds
  4. Sofas in fabric and leather
  5. Coffee tables
  6. Bookshelves
  7. Bar cabinets and stools
  8. Display cabinets
  9. Lamp tables
  10. Ottomans
  11. Chesterfields
  12. TV entertainment units
  13. Dining tables etc.

Choosing Scappini furniture means peace of mind and elegance for your furniture style. Why travel to Italy to buy luxurious furniture for your home when exclusive Italian furniture designs are a few steps away.

Visit our furniture store in Bendigo, Victoria, Australia to check out our complete range of Italian furniture designs. Get the best price offers and EMI facilities on our Italian Furniture range and other services like polishing, upholstery, and custom-made furniture designs.