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Lounge Room Interior Design Concepts

Living rooms form the nucleus of any household. We spend most of our time here. However, this room has a peculiar characteristic. It can be the most personal and most public space of your home. The living room transforms into a family room, where we relax, chat, watch television, and spend quality time with our […]

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Winter Furniture Design Ideas For Your Bendigo Living Room

Cosy, Comfy, Cuddly! These three C’s play a crucial role in selecting furniture for your living room during winter. As the days get shorter and nights get longer, we all wish to come home to a living room that’s both warm and inviting. Our cosy and comfortable furniture inside makes up for the chilly, cold […]

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Stressless Furniture

The Latest Luxury Trends in Lounge Room Designs

Trends tend to come and go. However, only a few endure offering a timeless appeal that transcends the trends. When it comes to lounge room designs, luxury is not just about opulence; it’s about creating a space that exudes sophistication, and comfort. From sleek minimalism to striking glam, the latest trends in luxury lounge room […]

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Stressless Furniture recliners

Stressless Furniture & The Modern Noir

Interior design trends undergo little seasonal changes. It is much too cumbersome to update your home frequently. However, only very few trends stay alive for years to come, others fade away. Black is one such thing that never goes out of style. It pretty much goes with everything; from home decor to lighting ideas and […]

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The Essential Lounge Room Furniture Pieces

Also referred to as the living/sitting room, the lounge room is undoubtedly the centre of a home. It is where memories are made; a space where the family gathers at the end of the day and unwinds. In most cases, it is also where you entertain guests. As such, the lounge room should be comfortable, […]

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