Your relationship with your sofa can prove to be one of the most time invested and long standing relationships you will ever have – so, it is essential that you choose wisely. If you want a sofa that will be in your home for years to come then there is a number of factors that you must consider before purchasing.

Size & Shape

These are the practical aspects as it must fit the room it is designed to be placed in. There are a number of shapes available today, whether it is a grand three-seater, a cosy two-seater or the popular modular, but which is right depends on your space. If you have a smaller room, then you want to create a cosy feel without being cluttered and weighing the room down. If it’s a larger room, you don’t want it to feel sparse and empty, so a larger sofa would be the ideal choice.


It is important to do your research before diving into purchasing the first sofa you fall in love with. There are vast differences in quality when it comes to brands and this needs to be factored in for the life and comfort of the sofa. This includes the frame, the fabric used, the quality of the springs and the materials used for the cushions. All these will determine the longevity of what you have bought and cheaper alternatives will be unlikely to last the distance. Researching brands you are interested in will give you a sense of the quality of the craftsmanship of the sofa which will play a vital role in long-term comfort.


Our sofa is a great place to relax and unwind and, therefore, the level of comfort that the sofa offers you will always be a deciding factor when you purchase. Take quality into account when making this choice, as a seemingly comfortable sofa now could easily deteriorate over time if it does not have a the quality components to last over time. Comfort level needs to fit the purpose of the sofa and this can be different for different people.

For a furniture store where quality and style is paramount, visit Valentines Furniture in Bendigo. Our friendly staff can answer all your questions as to how to select the sofa you will fall in love with today and spend a lifetime loving in your home.

A quality and well-built designer recliner can be a wonderful addition to your living space and your lifestyle. Valentines Furniture, located in Bendigo, has a sophisticated range of recliners from the leading brands. Here’s what to look for in your next recliner.

Cushions & Filling

When purchasing a recliner it is important to assess the cushion and foam material that has been used for the support elements of the recliner. This includes the seating area as well as the back support. Check the feature details of the recliner to ensure it has a foam density of of 1.9 or even, ideally, higher.

Upholstery Choice

A leather recliner is the most robust and long-wearing upholstery choice that you can make, though it is also an often more expensive option and some will just not find it to their taste. If you prefer a softer look and feel then a synthetic microfiber is the best option. These come in a range of colours that will suit any décor and are far more moisture resistant than other fabric options.

Recliner Frame

Frame quality is paramount when selecting your dream recliner. The frame of a recliner faces far more extremities and wear than that of a stationary sofa. For this reason, it is essential to be well informed regarding the type of wood that has been used to construct the frame. A hardwood base made of a birch or poplar wood is the ideal choice. This will withstand the motions and pressure placed on a recliner with daily use.

Consider Safety

Most accidents with a recliner occur, whether it be adults, children or pets, within the space between the open leg rest and the end of the seat. A good rule of thumb is to ensure there is no wider space than about 12.5 cm between the two. As to with the lever, ensure that this is not going to be hazardous to hands that could become caught.

When you are ready to choose your ideal and high quality sofa, come visit the Valentines Furniture show room in Bendigo. Our friendly staff can provide all the feature details of our recliners to help you make the right choice for you.

The ottoman has evolved greatly from the humble foot stool, a place to rest your feet whilst you enjoyed the other elements of your living room. Now the ottoman has been reborn as a style icon all on its own and it is an important element to consider when designing your living space.


When selecting an ottoman, a component of your choice will be the style and what the existing décor within your living room looks like. The ottoman need not be an afterthought, as it can really enhance the room in many ways. Select based on size, shape, design, colour and fabric are great ways to get the right look for your home. Modern ottomans come with a bold design that will add elegance to your living space in ways you’ve never considered.


The traditional functionality of the ottoman was merely a place to rest your feet, but this has changed dramatically over the years. Ottomans can provide ample storage solutions for living room essentials like blankets and pillows or even be a handy place to hide the kid’s toys and games. Whether it’s a place to rest your feet whilst enjoying your favourite chair, or an ottoman that doubles as a coffee table function, there are endless options out there to suit your lifestyle.

Focal Point

Where the sofa was once the focal point of the living space, the ottoman is quickly replacing this in many Australian homes. With the beautiful designs and stunning features, it is no wonder that many are utilising the ottoman as the main focal point in their living or family rooms. Modern luxury has evolved and with that has emerged the designer ottoman that can really be the show stopper within your living room.

At Valentines Furniture in Bendigo, we pride ourselves on stocking the best in designer furniture brands. We value quality and functionality. To find the perfect ottoman to complete your living space, shop at Valentines Furniture today.

Choosing any piece to enter your living space is a big decision, especially if it is likely to be a big feature of the room. A recliner is a wonderful addition to your living space, it brings both added comfort and a sense of overall style. Finding the perfect recliner can be the biggest challenge.

Style Matters

There is a number of styles of recliners available out there in today’s modern world, so there’s more opportunity to match your style with your recliner than ever before. Whether a leather fabric is more your style, or you prefer a darker or lighter fabric then that’s something to consider for your living space and how your new recliner will fit within the room.

Consider Décor

The recliner you choose has to fit with the room and your other furniture. That means you need to take into account the placement of your recliner and how it will fit in a harmonious way with your existing furniture. What ones are in the room? What is the colour scheme and what textiles are used? All these will come into play when selecting a recliner to fit an existing room.

Make Space

Take into account the space you have and keep in mind that you do not just need space for the recliner itself, you need it to be able to comfortably recline. This sounds obvious, but so many people don’t factor this in when making their selection and it is absolutely crucial.

Buy Quality

It can be tempting to go with a cheaper model but when you think about the complex mechanisms within your recliner, you need to make sure what you are buying is quality. Quality also ensures the fabric or leather will last, that the comfort level will be optimum and that the recliner will last you a lifetime without costly mechanical repairs.

Valentines Furniture stock a host of the most sought after brands at our Bendigo store and our friendly staff can help you to select the perfect recliner for your living space and your lifestyle.

The accent chair has become a statement piece in many a home across Australia. It creates drama, sophistication and style all on its own. There are some rules when it comes to choosing an accent chair and here is some advice to follow.


If you are utilising your accent chair as a true statement piece then you may want to opt for a colour that is a little more striking or daring than your current colours in the room. This does not have to be outrageous, just enough so that the accent chair serves its purpose as being the star of the room. This can be done is a taste and sophisticated fashion that blends well with your current colour scheme.


The design and style that you choose will be a big factor in whether or not your accent chair is successful. You want to keep to your current styling while still selecting something that will stand out. An elegant and well-crafted piece will be the optimum choice to create a centre focus without overwhelming the room.


One of the most essential elements to consider with an accent chair is where in your home it will be placed. If you want to create a focal point then why not consider enriching a hallway with a fine accent chair or creating a warm welcome in the entry way? Are you enhancing a dining or living space by adding in an accent chair that will draw the eye and add style and sophistication? The location will impact your selection.


It is important to also consider the practicalities. Will this be a place you will utilise often, or is it more decorative? If the chair will be utilised for sitting then you must consider or the practical details of comfort and durability. If the purpose is more decorative, then you can sacrifice some comfort and opt for pre style instead.

All this will sway the final selection and the helpful staff at Valentines Furniture are ready to help you select the ideal accent chair for your style needs. Come pay us a visit at our Bendigo showroom.

Although sofa choice is highly individual and will often come down to the personal tastes of the buyer, it is important to consider the growing trends in sofa colours. In 2018, the tastes of the past have evolved greatly and here you will get a selection of trending colours to consider for your home.

Warm Neutral Tones

Here we are referring to those warm caramels and tans that ooze with a cosy feel of comfort. The wonderful thing about choosing these colours is the freedom I allows you to add in accent colours in your cushions, lamps and rug election. These soft tones allow for strong accent colours which are far easier to update with the changing fashions and, of course, your tastes.

Dark Black

Black is trending as a popular choice, in both leather and fabrics. This colour choice makes a bold statement in any living space and generates sophistication and a style all of its own. To tone down the dark presence of the black sofa, mix with soft neutral tones to warm up the space through your cushion and rug selections.

Assortment of Browns

Browns have been popular for many years and it is a confident choice if you are wanting something that is unlikely to go out of style. Of course, brown leathers are the most loved of all the leathers and create a stern sophistication that is virtually unrivalled. When it comes to fabrics, both deep chocolates and soft lighter browns are a fine choice and will enhance any room.

Grey Tones

Greys are the epitome of modern sophistication. They create a designer elegance to any home. For fear of creating a somewhat dim space with the addition of grey tones, then they are easily paired with bright and vibrant accent colours to revitalise the space, without sacrificing that elegant air that the grey tones create.

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By its very nature, the Living Room is the most lived in space in your home. It is where you relax, entertain and spend time with the ones you love. For that reason, it needs to be comfortable and cosy as well as completely functional.

The Perfect Sofa

The sofa is often the centre piece of the living space and it is also the most used item. Having purpose in mind is just as important as fabric colour and overall design. If you have a large family, kids or you entertain on many occasions, then a larger sofa with enough seating space is crucial. Once the practicalities are out of the way, then you can select the style to perfectly accent and enhance your living space.

Cosy Rugs

A living space with hardwood floors can give a sense of style and elegance, but it often lacks the cosy and comfort factor that is so important in the vital living room of your home. Rugs are a beautiful way to bring elegance into your home whilst creating that beautiful cosy feel that really brings the essence of the room to life.

Easy Entertaining

If you utilise the living space for entertaining, whether that be guests or just the family in the home, then you need to think about the essential entertaining features of your living space. Will you look for a TV cabinet or is it more elegant and practical to have the television mounted on the wall. In terms of sound system, many benefit from a surround sound speaker system to bring movies and music to life.

Practical Storage

Particularly in a family home, practical storage is an essential factor to consider when designing your living space. There are many clever ways to achieve this without sacrificing space and style. Sofas can come with hidden storage spaces, coffee tables with hidden storage spaces and ottomans that open to reveal private space for cushions or blankets to be kept hidden.

Find designer furniture that honours practical storage solutions combined with beautiful style and elegance at Valentines Furniture in Bendigo. Shop out collections here.

Modular lounge suites are a popular choice and now adorn the lounge rooms of many Australian homes. This widespread adoption of the modular is not just a result of the stylish designs available. What is the winning factor for so many buyers is the practicalities that come with this leisurely design.

Enhancing Style

The leading lounge suite and furniture brands have taken the modular sofa to stylish heights. Some designs can create defined lines and symmetrical spaces, whereas others create a soft and lush space. Whatever your tastes, and whatever look and feel you’re going for in your home, there is a modular sofa to fit any home décor.

Commanding the Room

Large rooms can often be difficult from a design point of view as you want to utilise the space without having too much going on or risking the space appearing sparse. The modular is the perfect accompaniment to a large space to command the room without engulfing the space. Size variations are available in most leading brands, so there is a modular to fit your large living space.

Storage Solutions

Many modular come with hidden storage spaces. Whether you utilise this for keeping those extra blankets, pillows and cushions, or choose to cleverly disguise clutter, these areas can become a highly practical addition to your lounge room and your lifestyle.

Extra Sleeping Space

The modular sofa is known for the added seating areas, which is a bonus for any busy living space or just for added comfort. Yet the other fantastic benefit of this space is the ability to utilise the modular as an extra sleeping area for guests. Many modular come with a sofa bed installed, though virtually any design can be pieced together to create a comfortable space for guests.

View the beautifully stylish and highly practical range of modular sofas available at Valentines Furniture. Browse our collection online and then come visit our Bendigo store to find the perfect modular to complete your living room.

There is more to selecting the perfect sofa than just the look and feel. You have to find out what is beneath the exterior, as that is where the true quality lays.

The Sofas Frame

The sofa frame is one of the most important aspects of assessing the quality of your potential new sofa. When it comes to the frame, it’s a combination of the wood used and how it is constructed that will determine the overall quality. Kiln-dried hardwood is the best material to be used in a frame, whereas plywood based frames tend to be of lesser quality. However, plywood can be a quality frame if it is used to an adequate thickness. Highly crafted joinery and construction are essential too. A high quality wood will be let down by a poorly joined or constructed frame.

The Springs Used

The level of seating support is an important factor when choosing your sofa. This is not just reserved for the cushions you sit on, but for the back support on the sofa too. The quality of the springs used will impact the level of support and the longevity of that support. One of the best designs when it comes to springs is the eight-way hand tied spring sofa. This option will retain long term support and comfort. Sinuous springs are wonderful for smaller sofas, as they take up less space but still offer ample support.


The Cushion Quality

The material utilised for the cushions of the sofa will also determine the quality and affect how long the cushions retain their firmness and prevent sagging. If a foam cushion option is selected, it is advisable to choose a higher density foam. This will cause less sagging over time and allow the cushion to retain its shape throughout the years. Blendown pads are made from polyester fibre and down and these can be wrapped around high density foam to create a softer, yet firm, cushion seating. These are great options for a quality sofa that will rein supreme throughout the years.

Valentines Furniture offer a fine selection of quality made sofas from some of the industry leading brands. View our collection online and come visit our Bendigo store to experience the quality of our sofas for yourself.

The Chesterfield is a style of leather sofa that that has been around since the 1800’s. This historic furniture type is believed to have been commissioned by Lord Phillip Stanhope, the fourth Earl of Chesterfield.

The Chesterfield is known for its distinctive quilted leather fabric, deep buttoning, and low seat. It is said that the Earl was a trendsetter and commissioned the Chesterfield to be fabricated so that gentlemen could sit upright without creasing the garment. This has not been proven to be true – however, being seated on the Chesterfield is a sophisticated manner in which to sit, and the sofa does have the Earl namesake.

The Earl had a great appreciation for the lounge and it is said that Chesterfields were commissioned because of admiration for his furniture. With the furniture aging and wearing well, the appearance only improves with time.

The Chesterfield sofa has kept its charm and distinguished name to this day. Primarily used in London’s gentlemen’s clubs for a long time, all variations of Chesterfield from the 1800s until now were inspired by the original item.

The Chesterfield has been successfully transported to other nations and it soon became a symbol of British style. It was commonly associated with gentlemen’s clubs, and a furniture piece for the men of the house. Men would often smoke their cigars and drink brandy on the Chesterfield, while the ladies of the house sat in chairs nearby doing their needlework.

Associated with luxury, the Chesterfield now is a sought after piece for many moderns homes. It has been used and associated with royalty, was a key piece in Victorian times, and has over the years furnished many hotels, restaurants, and corporate offices.

The Chesterfield is a well made and durable piece of furniture that is associated with style, sophistication, and luxury. It is the perfect blend of comfort and style.

For more information on our beautiful Chesterfield range, contact us at Valentine’s Furniture.

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