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Italian furniture is famed for its artistic style, elegant lines and seamless style. However, it’s always deemed to be a luxurious expense that many cannot afford. Italian furniture need not be yet a distant dream, with beautiful furniture pieces available right here in Australia at affordable prices.

Why Italian Furniture?

Italian furniture has long been thought of as a true work of art. It is the epitome of style and sophistication. Italian furniture creates a luxurious look to any home with its impeccable lines, beautiful fabrics and lavish designs. It is a look that many have dreamed of yet always felt it was out of reach because of the high price associated with Italian furniture. However, you will find, that this is no longer the case.

Find It in Australia

You can now purchase Australian made furniture which is truly inspired by the Italian furniture style. Nouveau furniture are an Australian company who have travelled extensively throughout Italy, capturing and embodying the style, artistry and craftsmanship of classic Italian furniture. Their furniture style is inspired by the Verona Region of Northern Italy. That means, that the classic Italian style of furniture is now abundantly available to purchase and enjoy right here in Australia.

Don’t Pay High Prices

When it comes to Italian inspired luxurious furniture, you no longer have to pay the luxury price tag that comes along with it. Nouveau furniture is available to purchase right here in Australia and you won’t be paying the high price that you would imagine. That’s right, you can fill your home with stylish and classic Italian furniture at a price you can afford.

Purchase Italian Furniture

At Valentines Furniture, you can purchase Italian style, luxuriously styled furniture from Nouveau right here in Bendigo, Australia. Can’t get to our furniture store in Bendigo? You can even purchase Nouveau furniture at the Valentines Furniture online store. Get luxurious Italian style right here in Australia at affordable prices!



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In 1971, the Stressless chair was born and the makers have been advancing the technology with their patented in-built comfort ever since. A Stressless chair is the perfect addition to any dull room and can liven up that dead corner you’ve been dying to bring to life.

The Perfect Reading Chair

Due to its incredible level of comfort and the unique design of the footrest, the Stressless chair makes the perfect reading chair. Whether it’s in that dull room you’re just not sure what to do with or just that lifeless corner of the room you need to liven up, you can utilise a Stressless chair as the perfect reading chair.

A Gorgeous Accent Chair

The accent chair has become a popular fashion statement in many homes across Australia and you’re probably wondering how you can bring a unique twist to this popular style. Well, the Stressless chair is the perfect alternative to traditional accent chairs and best of all you’ll be relaxing in absolute comfort.

Enhance Your Study

A study can be a dull room in your home but it doesn’t have to be! The Stressless chair is the perfect addition to add incredible and impeccable style and sophistication to any home’s study. Not only is it stylish and fashionable, it’s also an incredibly comfortable place to catch up on that reading and research.

Recline in the Lounge

Looking for that perfect piece to complete that drab corner of your lounge that is just screaming for style? The Stressless chair will bring that corner to life! Stressless are the epitome of incredible looks and timeless sophistication and that is just what that dull corner of the lounge room needs!

Find Your Stressless Chair

Valentines Furniture offer a beautiful range of the Stressless chair collection and you can find them all in our incredible furniture store in Bendigo.



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Valentines Furniture is a long established business that has been helping homemakers in Bendigo decorate and beautify their homes since 1947. We specialise in providing quality service and superior brand name furniture at competitive prices.

We stock many quality brands and are experts in all aspects of Italian furnishings and home décor. We specialise in all types of Italian furniture styles include classic and modern themes.

Italian homes are known for their opulence and elegance. The look is one of luxury and of extreme sophistication. Italian homes are elegant, stylish and comfortable and have added touches throughout that accentuate the rich and opulent look. In classic Italian furniture, this can include gilded gold touches on the furniture and accessories. A layered look is also popular as are pleats, chandeliers, marbles and deep woods.

Italian furniture is ever popular and why wouldn’t it be? There is nothing else that meets it in terms of elegance, style and luxury. In today’s Italian homes there is still amazing craftsmanship and stunning designs and styles. The main designs of these are Old World Ornate Italian and Modern Italian.

In the modern Italian home, the look is much more streamlined, but still highly glamorous and with added touches of luxury not found in most other homes. We have trending looks in Italian furniture that will suit any taste. The look is timeless and is often made from wood or hi-tech materials. Modern Italian collections are designed to be functional as well as elegant.

Whether you are looking to do up a specific room in your house, or your entire home, we can help you to create a look that is striking and elegant.

When it comes to Italian furniture, it can be easy to overdo or under-do your home decorating. To achieve the elegant and opulent look that Italian homes are famous for we recommend that you speak to an expert.


Our team at Valentines have over 25 years’ experience in designing and decorating beautiful Italian style rooms and homes. For more information on creating Italian style rooms and homes contact us on 03 5441 6983 or by email.



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Italian furniture and fashion are created using the same distinctive styles. The look of both styles is creative, beautiful and unique. It is ever popular, the ultimate in sophistication, and is made with only the highest quality materials and workmanship.

Renaissance design and architecture dates back to early 15th century in Florence, Italy. In today’s home you will still see amazing pieces in two prominent styles – Classic or Modern styles.

Classical Italian Furniture

Classical Italian Furniture is designed with a proper sense of living and there is beautiful styling that can transport your home into something that befits royalty. The look and feel is opulent and super luxurious. There is an abundance of detail and chandeliers, accessories, pleats, gold, and marble are often used.

Gold gilding is often used which for some can seem a little over the top. Whether you want a stylish office, a beautiful elegant bedroom or a casual dining room space there is the perfect selection at Valentines Furniture. When you choose classical Italian furniture the look is always rich and elegant.

Modern Italian Furniture

Elegance and luxury is still certainly found in the modern Italian home.

The furniture is more streamlined and less ornate, but remains luxurious and of supreme quality. There are more neural tones but there remains an added touch such as a crystal chandelier or shiny accessory that is not usually found in modern homes.

Valentines Furniture has the latest looks in Italian furniture that are sure to delight and inspire you. Comfortable sofas, deluxe coffee tables, sideboards, TV units and more are created to give you a functional and beautiful look.

Our brands are versatile and durable. Adding some modern Italian furniture and décor touches to your home will add unexpected glamour to any room.


For more information about our range of beautiful Italian furniture contact us at Valentines Furniture Bendigo today.



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Italian furniture is the ultimate in elegance and sophistication. It never goes out of style. Italian homes are layered in luxury – their walls can be ornate trimmed, and they often have beautiful murals. Floors have quality marble or wood and plush areas have rugs strewn for extra comfort.

There are two main styles when it comes to Italian homes – modern design and classical Italian style.

To enhance and elevate your home with Italian décor you need to have an eye for extreme quality. At Valentines Furniture we can help you to achieve this exquisite look.

Supreme Sophistication

Italian furniture and décor are known for their overstated look. When this is properly done it retains its elegant appearance.

Italian furnishings are by nature ultimately glamorous and sophisticated. The elegance extends to every room in the home which includes the bedroom and study. The look is rich and opulent and is often layered.

Gold Gilding

High end Italian furniture is often gold gilded to give a look of luxury. This is popular in both traditional and modern Italian Designs. It is common in the fixtures of the home such as tiles, and in the veining of marble stones. It can be included in décor such as mirror frames and picture frames. It is prevalent in the home’s accessories.

Modern Italian Style

The modern Italian furniture style has its place in Italian homes. The furnishings and decor are still elegant and luxurious but are more streamlined and have more neutral tones, woods, and black and white shades. There are elegant touches such as an occasion crystal chandelier or quality gold accessory that would not normally be found in modern homes.

By choosing quality Italian furniture such as the Nouveau brand you can decorate your home with classic styles taken from styles from Venice to the Naples, and from Florence to Milan. Customised classic and modern Italian furniture can be ordered to suit your lifestyle.


For more information about beautifying your home with sophisticated quality high end Italian furniture contact us at Valentines Furniture.



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Valentines Furniture is known for their quality home furnishings and décor, superior brands and good old fashioned customer service. We stock a variety of popular, well designed brands which will not only add beauty and style to your home, they are durable and built to last.

While some of our brands are sourced from overseas, we have world class furniture that is manufactured locally.

Molmic Furniture

Molmic Furniture are proud of their Aussie heritage and their range is created in the family hometown of Melbourne. The company has been in business for over 25 years and is now in its third decade. The brand embraces the talented, loyal and dedicated staff members who have been a part of the business since its first day of operation.

Molmic create a variety of beautiful home furnishings. Molmic lounge suites are ever popular and are hardwearing and durable as well as beautiful. Molmic couches come in a range of beautiful fabrics and leathers.

The range includes chairs, Ottomans, materials, woods, and more. All items are exquisitely crafted and will compliment any décor.

Moran Furniture

Moran Furniture is a family business which was created by John Moran 50 years ago in his mother’s garage. The furniture was popular and the business soon grew and moved to a factory in Glen Iris in Melbourne. Moran Furniture has from the beginning added beautiful detail to each item of the furniture in the way of arm caps, matched patterns, piping, and exclusive fabrics. They also use beautiful European leather fabrics.

Moran is the most renowned premium furniture brand in Australian. They have been supplying homemakers with quality furniture for three generations. The look is modern and embellishes quality, comfort, and value. Moran do sofa beds, quality lounges, bedroom furniture and more.

For superior Australian made furniture you can trust the leading brands. At Valentines Furniture we stock a variety of both Molmic and Moran Furniture. Talk to our team about how we can help you today. Contact us on 03 5441 6983 or by email.



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IMG is located in Skykkylven in Norway. Their passion is to design and engineer furniture that gives extreme ergonomic support and comfort.

IMG Strive For Excellence

Their vision is to create exclusive designs which deliver an extraordinary combination of quality, comfort and unmatched value. Every item of furniture reflects these values.

State of the Art Technology

The range is designed with the latest in innovative technology and is thoroughly tested by their development team. The company pursues perfection and employs highly experienced people and partners who share the vision and their love of furniture.

Old World Craftsmanship

The atmosphere at IMG is one of inventiveness and optimism. The team are creative and we are always innovating and improving. Every sofa and chair is made for relaxation and the human body is the pattern for every furniture piece that is created. IMG take pride in studying the human body so that the furniture can be developed to fit into our lives and balance comfort with health and space efficiency.

The Norwegian designers have had decades of experience creating furniture for durability, stability, function, and beauty. It is designed to enhance our health and provide the ultimate in comfort.

IMG Furniture Is Beautiful

IMG lounge suites, recliners and IMG chairs have attractive details on each chair and sofa. All our materials have been selected with quality, comfort, and beauty in mind. Our unique mark is left on each piece of furniture. The furniture is designed to give you years of joy. IMG furniture has a design that is unmatched by any other brand.

Leather Fabric

Most IMG lounge suites and furniture are made from leather. As well as being aesthetic and comfortable, leather has a long lifespan. It is hardwearing and durable as well as beautiful.

IMG furniture is unique and is the ultimate in supreme comfort and ergonomic support. It has been engineered by expert furniture craftsman who are selected for their passion and knowledge of furniture.


At Valentines Furniture we stock a wide range of IMG recliners, chairs, lounge suites, and furniture. The comfort and style needs to be seen to believed. Come in and test the IMG furniture at our Bendigo store, or contact us by email or on 03 5441 6983 for more information.



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Valentine’s Furniture first opened in 1947. Fred Valentine opened the business as a used furniture and goods store in Queen Street. The store continues to run today and is an important part of the Bendigo community.

Valentine’s Furniture has evolved to become arguably the leading Bendigo furniture retailer. It is still a family run organisation and over sixty years on is a thriving business and an asset to the community. Here’s why.

Product Knowledge

The team at Valentines have years of experience in the industry, and have extensive product knowledge on all of our quality items. Whether you are looking for beautiful accent chairs, bedroom furniture, classic Chesterfields, home office equipment, lounge suites or more our team can give you in depth, information about our range.

Creative and Innovative Team

The team at Valentines furniture are creative and innovative and we work with you to create a look for your home that you will love. Whether your taste is modern and streamlined or traditional and classic, we can recommend furniture and accessories that will match your home, your décor and your unique taste.

Exceptional Customer Care

We would not have been able to become the leading Bendigo furniture store if we didn’t look after our customers! The team take pride in their customer care. We have excellent communication, and really listen to you about any concerns or queries that you have.

We are open 6 days per week for your convenience and there is ample parking available close to the store.

Quality Products

At Valentines Furniture we stock popular brand names of products that are versatile and durable. Our range includes Moran, Stressless, Lazyboy and IMG. These brands have a reputation for excellence and come with full warranties. As well as beautiful, aesthetic furniture we also stock products for furniture care to keep your items in peak condition.


The above are just some of the things that make Valentines Furniture arguably one of the leading furniture stores in Bendigo. Come in and see for yourself, or browse our catalogue online. For more information feel free to contact us by email or on 03 5441 6983.



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Stressless Furniture is impeccably designed. The beautiful leathers and comfy fabrics cover a fabulous structure that moulds itself to your body shape. Stressless has been scientifically engineered with extreme comfort in mind. Stressless recliner chairs, lounges, and furniture have been designed and created by Pfitzner Furniture since 1999 for the ultimate in relaxation and support.

The brand has been perfected over centuries of strict tradition, research and commitment. Stressless lounges and recliners are matched with modern ergonomic design which enhances its comfort and dependability.

Luxury and Comfort Combined

Stressless are luxurious and dependable. The materials are sustainable. and environmentally friendly. The brand is engineered for comfort from the inside out. the Stressless lounge and recliners provide you with solid lumbar support and perfect consistency and colour. Every attention to detail is given to ensure that the furniture has a longer lifespan and is sublimely comfortable.

Stressless furniture is aesthetic as well as durable.

Why is Stressless Furniture Unique?

The furniture comes with advanced technology which provides lumbar support which adapts to the movement of your body. The patented glide system allows you to glide and to adjust. Both the sofas and lounges have headrests which adjust to your body’s position, and a 360-degree swivel system.

What Type of Furniture is Part of the Stressless Range?

Stressless do recliner chairs, Ottomans, and lounges. The Stressless lounge is ever popular due to its supremely engineered support system and beautiful appearance. The range of Stressless furniture brings you the ultimate experience in personal comfort. Space aged injected cold cured foam is moulded directly over the frame and an extra layer of this foam ensures luxury and sublime comfort.

Stressless stand behind their products with a 10 year warranty.


The team at Valentines Furniture all have expert knowledge on the Stressless range. Contact us today by phone on 03 5441 6983 or by email.



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When you are choosing a sofa, you want to make sure that it suits you, your family, and your home. It pays to come in and test out the sofa. How does it feel to sit on? What is the fabric like? Is it supportive? Whether you have your heart set on a classic Chesterfield, an Italian leather lounge or any other sofa this article outlines some of the things to look for to make sure your new sofa is perfect for you.

It needs to be comfy when lying and sitting It should feel nice when you run your hands up and down it Your feet should meet the floor comfortably The arm rest height should be good for you The back height should be comfortable Your back and body should feel supported by the sofa Can you snooze on it? Curl up on the sofa and see how it would feel to take a nap on it. Is the frame of good quality? Check the cushions. The cushions should mould to your shape ideally and be comfortable and durable. How long is the guarantee for? Quality high-end sofas should generally come with a guarantee of up to 10 years. Do you love the look of the sofa? Is it beautiful and will it match the décor and style of your home? Bear in mind the position of your home that the sofa will be located in. Natural material may fade in strong sunlight – opt for a synthetic fabric or a quality leather if your lounge will be located near a window. Do you have pets? Consider how easy care the fabric is to care for and what cleaning products are available for the fabric.


Always try before you buy! Although it is easy to purchase online, good furniture is simply something that must be tested.

At Valentines Furniture Bendigo we have a range of high-end sofas including Chesterfield Sofas, Stress Less furniture, and IMG.


For more information on our range of beautiful high end sofas at Valentines Furniture Bendigo contact us by email or on 03 5441 6983. We have a range of quality brands and styles including Chesterfields, IMG, Lazyboy, Moran, Molmic and Nouveau.

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