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At Valentine’s Furniture in Bendigo, our collection includes some of the finest designer brand furniture labels available. These include IMG, Moran, Molmic, Stressless, Tessa, La-z-boy and Nouvea, as well as the leading fabric and textile makers Warwicks Fabrics.

Our designer brand furniture is the essence of sophistication and will appeal to all tastes and styles. There are many advantages to choosing a designer piece of furniture as opposed to a mass produced and cheaper alternative. We explore some of the reasons why our brand names are the best choice for your home.


When buying a designer brand piece of furniture, whether it be a sofa, lounge suite, recliner or dining table, you know you’re buying a quality product. These pieces are built to last, using the highest quality materials, craftsmanship and design to create an unrivaled finished product.


When you purchase a brand, you are purchasing its reputation. These prestigious brands attained their reputation for fine quality through years of producing products that were just that. The collection of designer label furniture at Valentine’s Furniture pride themselves on ensuring their products are always of the highest standard to maintain the reputation of their brands.


Aesthetically it is the design of a piece of furniture that really demonstrates its superiority. The furniture in your home makes the biggest statement and having immaculately designed, impeccably crafted furniture in your home will create an instant, divine sanctuary.


Every aspect of a designer brand piece of furniture has been carefully designed to create the best possible end result. This means utilizing the finest materials, from the fabric through to the frames, to ensure every aspect is of the highest quality.

It’s this combination of having the best materials, with supreme designs, of the highest quality and backed by the reputation of an equitable brand that really confirms you’re buying the greatest possible furniture to showcase in your home. Come visit Valentine’s Furniture to see our quality products for yourself.



Open plan living spaces are the perfect way to create multiple spaces that work in harmony together. With the right layout of furniture and homewares you can bring each area together whilst still making each space its own.

Creating an open plan living environment within a square space can come with extra challenges. The space doesn’t break up neatly into three spaces as it does with a long or L-space. Here’s some ideas for laying out your square open plan living space.

Lounge Room

The best way to divide the square open plan area is to spill it in half, with one half the long rectangle lounge, and then split the other half between the kitchen and dining. In this kind of space, the perfect sofa or lounge suite will be something long that can complete and fill the space so it doesn’t feel empty. A long L-shaped or modular sofa will serve the space well. Alternatively, one long with recliners and armchairs that allow for scattered placement will fill the space and make good use of the room.

Dining Room

In your dining room you’ll have the option of using a rectangular, square or round dining table. If you choose a rectangular dining table then it’s best to place it parallel with the kitchen bench or island. You can create boundaries with the kitchen through benches but it can be more difficult defining the line between the lounge and dining. You can create the illusion of lines between the spaces with the placement of the furniture and the use of side tables and rugs.


A kitchen in a square space can really work to combine the kitchen with both the living and dining rooms. You can create a cohesion across the different spaces through shared color schemes and décor. Whilst you can divide them with cleverly placed bench tops and islands.

At Valentine’s Furniture in Bendigo, we carry some of the leading designer brand furniture. Our exquisite pieces will help you to create the perfect square open plan living.


Open plan living has always been a popular choice for families across Australia as it creates a sense of togetherness within the home. The most common areas of the home to bring in conjunction with each other is the the lounge room, the kitchen and the living room.

There are some great ways you can bring these spaces together whilst still establishing the boundaries of each area. When working with a long room, each of the three section will be broken up into three square areas. Here we look at tips to creating the perfect open plan living space in a long room.

The Lounge

When it comes to the lounge room section, you have a lot of options to choose from for a lounge suite or sofa. A modular sofa will work well to define the square space of the lounge area or two 3 seater sofas facing each other will help to achieve the same look. Alternatively, you could look at a three seater sofa on one side and two armchairs across from it. Keep it parallel with the dining table and kitchen bench or island.

Dining Room

In a long plan zone it’s best to have the kitchen and dining room adjacent to one another. Having a link between the kitchen and dining area is great for meal times and even better for entertaining. Look for a long dining table and place it parallel to the kitchen bench or island as well as the sofas to keep the rooms in unison.


The kitchen works best at one end of the space where cabinets can be designed around the walls to utilize the space. Using a U-shaped bench or an island bench will simultaneously divide the dining room and the kitchen whilst still unifying the two areas and bringing them together.

Come visit our Valentine’s Furniture showroom in Bendigo for the highest quality furniture brands. We’ll assist you in finding the perfect lounge suites, recliners, sofas and dining tables to complete your long room open plan living space.

Lounge rooms are important places in every house. They are the central point of the whole place- a space to get together as a family and discuss your day, a space to welcome guests and spend some quality time. You could even use it to spend some quiet time and read a book. It’s crucial that you lay out your lounge in such a way that it can be used in a multitude of ways.

Here are some tips on how to lay out your ideal lounge room:

Choose a focal point: this can be a large television, a piece of art of a fireplace. By choosing a focal point, you can arrange your furniture around it. Encourage conversation: A lounge room is usually a place where people gather around to converse. Ensure your room does that by arranging furniture around in such a way that it encourages conversation. Place armchairs facing each other. If your room is extremely large, create multiple seating arrangements so guests don’t have to shout across the room. Avoid blocking entryways: Whilst it’s important to have enough furniture in the lounge room to make it look great, don’t crowd it and especially don’t block entryways with large pieces like buffet table or large chairs. Think about the orientation and measurements: It’s extremely important to think about the orientation of the sofa and table and other pieces of furniture you want in your room. This sets the mood. Pull furniture away from walls and keep enough space to walk between sofas and tables. Clear clutter: Clutter in any form is a dampener. In order to make your lounge room shine, clear the clutter by organizing cables neatly, avoid piling too many books and magazines on the coffee table and keep a wastebasket to ensure your waste is collected in one spot and is not strewn all across the floor.

Decorating your home is an exciting prospect. You get to choose some great pieces and make space your own. However, when it comes to living room furniture, there are so many different options available that it can be easy to go overboard.

Here are some reasons why it’s best to opt for a modern and clutter-free living area:

Have a wastebasket: it’s not surprising that we tend to accumulate waste on a daily basis and if you don’t tend to it right away, it can get pretty messy real fast. Having a wastebasket might help to reduce the clutter. Ensure you empty your basket on a regular basis to avoid over accumulation. Choose a basket that compliments your décor so it does not stick to like a sore thumb. Ensure your flat spaces are clutter– free: things like papers, magazines, and books can pile up real fast and often we take the easy way out and place them on the nearest flat space available. Nip the problem in the bud by cutting down on hoarding magazines and books. Store important papers in files and ensure you purge on things you don’t need so you don’t end up with mountains of stuff all over your coffee and side tables. Display photos creatively: we all love to display our favorite photos as a way to treasure those special memories however if you are not careful, you could end up with a lot of clutter in the form of photo frames. Opt for a large collage frame that you hang on the wall which clears up table space. You could also opt for digital photo frames which have large storage capacity and can display multiple photos on a regular basis. Have designated zones around the house: as living areas are the center of the house, it’s easy for you to just come down have a drink or eat or do you work and then leave the mess that comes with it as it is. To avoid this, have designated areas where you study or work, have your meals and have a separate area for the kids to play so they can put their toys back once they are done

Like everything else in today’s world, there seems to be an endless sea of options when it comes to choosing sofas. There are so many styles, colours, fabrics and shapes that it can get confusing for anyone and if you are looking to furnish your space for the first time then you have an even harder decision to make. Fret not. Keep reading below to find out some steps to help you choose your ideal piece.

Think about size: if your living room is big, then you might want to think about how much of the room you plan on filling. On the other hand if your living room is small, you could play with different textures to create more impact. Orientation matters: planning the seating arrangement for your living room is important in order to have a successful experience. Think about where the TV will be and if the seats will face it. If you plan to use it as a space to relax, you might want to think about decorating it with different seating options like chairs and floor cushions to give more seating options. Shape of the sofa: once you have figured the purpose and have an idea of how many pieces you want in your living space, think about the shape of your sofa. An L-shaped is perfect for wide open spaces that need separation. Smaller spaces would do well with rounder pieces or you broaden your options and think about getting a chaise or a daybed. Visual impact: whilst the main purpose of sofas are to provide seating spaces, they are also the largest pieces of furniture in your living room. This means, you should think about their upholstery, fabric type and even the pattern. All this put together create the ideal piece which can last the test of time.

Thoughts on colour: if this is your first time picking your sofa, opt for clean and simple styles with a neutral colour. However if you are a pro, some colour would create some drama.

Your home is where the heart is. There has never been a truer sentence. Home is where you find happiness, healing, and harmony. It’s where you come after a tired day at work. The place you call home should be inviting and have a cozy feel not only for you but also for your guests.

Here are some quick tips on how you can achieve that welcoming feel:

Let your front hall and entryway set the mood: when your guests first enter your house, they must be hit with a warm and cozy feel, like they have been hugged. For a great curb appeal, have some plants, a colorful doormat, some great signs on your door, a lick of paint for your front door or window frames are some simple ways to set the mood. Use color and patterns to create an interesting visual: bright colors and patterns can distract the viewer’s eye from other small glitches. Have some bold wall art or have a throw or rug in a bright pattern and they will be the talk of the evening. Create intimate seating arrangements: if you plan on having guests often, you’ll want the seating space for them. It doesn’t matter whether your living room is small or big, use clever tricks and create a seating space that is both functional and inviting. Personalize: put your individuality out there, it could be reupholstering an old sofa or putting your name on your cushions. Do something out of the box so that your guests notice and want to stay back for longer. Reduce clutter: nothing spoils the look and feel of a room other than unwanted clutter piled up high. A clean and streamlined room feels more inviting so avoid the urge to throw a book or magazine on the coffee table haphazardly. Tackle your mail, bills and other paperwork as they come and organize them neatly in files or hide them away in drawers so they are out of sight.

Just like anything in our houses, sofas too need regular upkeep and maintenance to look their best. You should make it a point to use the right products and keep your sofas and other furniture looking great.

There are some tips to follow so your pieces look their optimum

Vacuum your sofas regularly with the special upholstery attachment. Dirt, dust and moisture from our bodies daily can take their toll on the fabric. This can cause discolouration and can even wear away the fabric. Rotate the sofa cushions around on a regular basis so they wear out evenly. The arms of the sofa are often the most used part so protect them from wearing out easily by using arm guards or caps. No two sofas are made the same so be sure to follow the care instructions on the individual piece. If you can, opt for a professional cleaning service as the professionals will use products that will lift and extend the life of your fabric sofa. If your sofas have removable covers, leave them on so it does not cause the fabric underneath to shrink. Use a de-pilling machine to remove any pilling of the fabric. This is usually easily solved and make sure you avoid the temptation to pull the loose threads.

If you are after some great furniture care products, visit the link below:



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Nothing beats coming back from a stressful day at work and relaxing in a comfortable recliner with a glass of wine in hand. Of course, you need to have a recliner to rest and choosing one can be a bit tricky.

However, if you follow the below tips, you are sure to have a great seating option.

Ensure the recliner fits your height and width so you can comfortably stretch and sit down. Often many brands have a few different sized recliners available, so people of different body shape can get one that suits them perfectly. Think about the lumbar support you get from your recliner. It’s important to make sure you get good support in all the positions such that the hollow area in your lumbar region is filled. There are many different types of recliners such as; rockers, wall-huggers, lift, massage and contemporary ones like the lazy boy recliners. Each one has an individual function, therefore, its best to choose one that suits you best. Make a list of the must-have features needed for your recliner. Modern styles now come with a wide range of features to keep you comfortable while sitting. These include footrest, headrest, swivel features and much more. If you have trouble deciding your perfect piece then think about how long you want to use it for? if you are after something that lasts the test of time whilst also complementing your décor, nothing beats a classic recliner. This way your living room will also look timeless and effortlessly put together.

Valentine’s furniture in Bendigo is a gallery furniture store selling high-quality designer pieces. If you after the perfect recliner, you will not be disappointed with their collection.



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Are you planning to renovate your house or decorate a new place? One of the first rooms to decorate is the lounge room as it is the heart of the house. If you have trouble choosing the right sized sofa because of the sea of options out there, you can rest easy. Here are six tips on how to choose the right sofa.

Think about the size of your room: The worst thing you can do is buy a sofa that is the wrong size or shape for your lounge room. If you have a big room, you must think about how much of the room you want to cover. It is always advisable to measure your room and then find a sofa that will be the ideal size. Think about the orientation: A key to creating the perfect living space is positioning all the furniture in the room in such a way they make maximum impact. Think about other pieces like the coffee table, tv stand or indoor plants and then put them all together to make the ideal space to enjoy with friends and family. Determine the shape best suited to your space: An L-shaped sofa would be ideal for those looking to open the living space whilst a rounder piece is ideal for smaller spaces. Research the best materials: the ideal fabric can really make the whole space put together. Whilst it is important to find a sofa that is visually stunning, functionality is a lot more important. Don’t go for suede if you have pets or small children. On the other hand, leather is a more safer choice and stands the test of time. Choose the style that best compliments your décor: choosing a piece that ties in with the rest of the décor will ensure you get a more put together look rather than something that is all over the place. Pick a colour: If your room is of one colour then opt for a piece that is brightly colored so it stands out. If you have brightly coloured accents, then opt for a neutral shade to balance it out.
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