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Leather Protection Cream


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Product Description

Leather Protection Cream is a water-based protector that places an invisible, breathable barrier between you and your leather. This barrier protects your leather from oil, water and alcohol-based stains.

Unprotected leather is highly absorbent. Leather is hydrophilic – it has an affinity for water. As a result, leather draws liquids deep into its pores causing stains that can be nearly impossible to remove.

Protection Cream is hydrophobic – it repels water and helps prevent staining. Protection Cream also protects leather from other damaging liquids, such as the oils and fatty acids found in perspiration.

Protection plays a vital role in correctly caring for leather. Nothing can provide 100% protection against stains, but stains are always easier to remove from protected leather.

Suitable for aniline and pigmented leather.

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250ml, 1L