Leather Furniture Care Products Bendigo
Leather Furniture Care Products Bendigo

Merry Widow

Merry Widow Chesterfield

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Product Description

Moran Furniture has long been renowned for creating the greatest in chesterfield style sofas in Australia; and the Merry Widow sofa follows this time honoured tradition. This timeless style remains ever popular for its inspired balance of detail with simplicity. The artisan craftsmanship on the Merry Widow is second to none. Studding, tufted diamond buttoning and arm pleating is all executed by hand with stunning precision. Make no mistake, the Merry Widow is incredibly adaptable. While the original style is deeply embedded in history and naturally suited to the classic, formal interior, the beauty of this design in combination with the right choice of Moran exquisite leathers, will transform the Merry Widow to perfectly suit contemporary industrial, chic and eclectic interior styles with ease. The superb finesse and quality in execution of this style will be noticed and is sure to bring lasting enjoyment to your beautifully finished interior.

Product Dimensions (L x D x H)

4.0 STR – 234 x 93 x 74 cm

3.0 STR – 192 x 93 x 74 cm

2.5 STR – 164 x 93 x 74 cm

2.0 STR – 148 x 93 x 74 cm

CH – 103 x 93 x 74 cm

OTT – 71 x 48 x 42 cm