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Having the right sofa colour and style sets the tone for the whole room. When you use the perfect colour and style, your sofa will complement the room, bringing out the best in your space rather than dominating it. But here’s the thing: the process of picking the right sofa can be a daunting task. Most importantly, finding one that matches with other furniture. So, to help you with this task, we’ll highlight some tips to help you choose the right sofa colour and style.

1. Start with the intended use in mind

A sofa is an investment, and you would want it to last as long as possible. You should consider the end use of your sofa when choosing the colour and style. Knowing how you will use the sofa will help you to make your decision faster.

Sofas in the living room used to entertain guests will likely wear and tear quickly. In such cases, the rugged Chesterfields are a great option to consider placing in lobbies. If you have children at home, leather sofas are easy to clean compared to fabric upholstery. The Modulars are also excellent options if you use sofas to relax daily.

2. Pay attention to pattern and colour

Often, people only focus on the colour when buying a sofa. Note that the right fabric pattern helps bring out the best in colour. So if you are looking for a sofa to be the centre of attention in the room, then you should definitely pick one with a bold pattern. They are ideal to be placed anywhere to host guests as bold patterns and colours are more inviting and fun.

The sofas in Bendigo, such as the Blaze and Vivaldi, come in a bold pattern. They are also perfect for combining and contrasting white or neutral colour walls.

3. Pick the right placement and colour shade

Consider the right placement for your sofa when picking out the colour and style. A leather sofa might look good in a room but placing it under direct sunlight reduces its beautifully dyed leather upholstery. UV exposure destroys the leather sofa, which will only fade after a few months.

Fabric sofas tend to fare better with sun exposure and are perfect in areas that receive high and direct sunlight. Besides picking the right placement, choosing a lighter shade sofa such as the Arna Lifestyle and Maison also helps. They can be placed under direct sunlight and will take longer to fade.

4. Match your tastes and design

Your sofa should match your taste and design, including the other furniture. So, consider your interior design styles, such as modern minimalist or bohemian, to match your sofa colour and style. Mixing modern sofas like Prague with neoclassical interiors can be a design disaster.

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5. The last resort is neutral

If you are confused about the right sofa colour and style, then it is best to choose neutral shades. They are the easiest to work with and the most versatile option. Neutral colours offer a subtle but still stylish look. Simply adding a pastel shade of blue or green cushions in a neutral sofa would subtly inject some colour.

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