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Finding quality homewares in Bendigo has never been this easier. With Valentines Furniture, your search for unique and quality homewares ends.

Beautiful House Homewares Bendigo

Finding high-quality, authentic homewares can be a daunting task. That’s why we made it simple for you. At Valentines Furniture, you can shop at your convenience either online or from our brick-and-mortar store in Bendigo.

Valentines Furniture offers an exclusive range of beautiful, modern, and timeless homewares to adorn your home. Most importantly, you will find high-quality homewares at their best and most affordable prices.

Our home accessories and decoratives will suit every room, home décor, and unique needs. From rugs, mirrors, stools, and lamps to artworks, centrepieces, flowers and decorators, our unique and thoughtful homeware collection make a statement element in your home. We also have trendy, classic, and high-quality clocks, jugs, vases, bowls, and artefacts to add more elegance to your home.

Homewares and Home Interior Design Ideas

This year’s interior design trends have moved on from high fashion to simple, comfortable, soothing, and nurturing design trends. To be precise, designs and homewares that are timeless with European aesthetics, decorating the home for a lifetime.

Here are some of the top trends of 2022 to help you begin with.

Nature Connected

Biophilic designs bring a close connection to nature and provide a sheer amount of comfort and warmth. It helps maintain a deep connection with nature while being indoors. A lot of timber mixed with homeware and interior designs are in high favour among homeowners. Lamps with wooden base, stonewares, mirrors with wooden frames, and wooden furniture add warmth and depth to your interior spaces. They also add a sense of luxury and elegance.

There is also a growing aversion to synthetic homewares, for instance, synthetic rugs, mats, and carpets. Rugs and carpets made from natural fabrics like cotton, wool, jute, and bamboo silk are replacing the man-made synthetic rugs.

Earth Colours

When it comes to colours, bright and deep colours like olive greens, clay browns and ochre are the latest colour trends. 2022 is a year of deep browns and greens. These colours bring a natural aura indoors and add an exotic look effortlessly. You could go for wooden furniture, rugs, wall decors and other home decor accessories in these colours to give your interiors a vintage look and feel.

You can also go for bold colours like red, yellow, and blue, but interior design experts suggest you use them in limited amounts for a subtle Mediterranean aesthetic. If you are a pastel lover, pastels are still in the game. One easy way to add pastels to your interior design is by adding pastel flowers in big, decorative vases.

Handcrafted Homewares

Handcrafted homewares and accessories are yet another hot trend of 2022 that brings more connection with nature indoors. They also add comfort, simplicity, and elegance. Handcrafted throws, rugs, napkins and decoratives are an excellent way to incorporate handicrafts into your interior design.

Feature Walls

Feature walls are still a highly sought-after interior design trend for their aesthetic flair. One of the main benefits of going for a feature wall is that they pull together all the mismatched furniture and furnishing. For instance, if you have timber furniture of different colours and upholstery combined with added rugs and decoratives, feature walls can help them complement each other effortlessly.

You can style a feature wall with wood panelling, decorative wallpapers or even add a rug for a cosy feel. You can also create a statement by adding stunning oversized mirrors, clocks, wall arts and lamps.

Looking for homewares? Shop online on our online store or visit us at our showroom based in Bendigo. For any queries, Contact us for more ideas.