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A small space does not have to be a cramped and crowded area. Although challenging, you can make your small living area feel bigger with some clever tricks.

Reassessing the room layout can do wonders for your small living space. This process includes decluttering and freeing up some spaces that could be used better. You can make the most out of your small living space by investing in quality products from Valentines Furniture, Bendigo.

Here are some tips to make a small living space feel bigger.

1.    Embrace Minimalism

People often feel that they must add more furniture to make a space look better. It is a good option when the living space is big and not when the living space is small.

When bringing out the best of small spaces, minimalism is the word. Minimalist designs focus on uncluttered spaces by using little but functionally necessary furniture. It keeps the space clean and simple, giving the room an inviting vibe. Some furniture pieces, such as ottomans, give a minimalist feel as they free up more room than a larger piece. If you want to buy the ideal ottoman in Bendigo to make your small space feel bigger, visit our furniture store in Bendigo.

2. Decorate Small Living Spaces With Rugs

Using rugs in small living spaces creates an illusion to make the area feel bigger. Although it may seem counterintuitive, placing simple rugs under the sofa and table will section off a small space. This helps to create a visual that the living space is bigger by drawing the eyes wider. When decorating your small living spaces with rugs, it is best to stick with simple designs.

3. Make Mirrors Your Best Friends

If you are on a tight budget and schedule, make mirrors your best friends. Mirrors allow sunlight to bounce around the room, creating an illusion of space. Bigger the mirror you use, the more light it will reflect and make the room look larger.

Angle your mirrors by placing them opposite windows so they make them look brighter. Angling your mirrors to reflect artificial light also helps to add depth to your room if it doesn’t receive sunlight. Mirrors also add a stylish element to the room if you don’t have the budget for pricey art pieces.

4. Use the Rule of Threes

The rule of threes is widely used in interior design. It says that they become more attractive when things are grouped in odd numbers. The technique divides decorative things into three to create a perfect balance. The items you can play with when using the rule of three are artwork, candles, and flower vases. Placing three items in sequence adds aesthetics to the room and makes it look bigger. To make them more visually appealing, try to pair the items in different sizes, forming a pattern.

5. Balance Between Affordable and Expensive items

You don’t have to spend on expensive items to make a small living space feel bigger. Just mix and match expensive items with affordable ones. This method gives you the perfect balance to make your space look attractive without breaking the bank.

One of the ways you can balance your space to make it feel bigger is by mixing some of the house homewares, such as mirrors and lamps, with affordable rugs. Also, you can rearrange heavy furniture such as sofas and accent chairs with affordable coffee tables.

Bringing It All Together

The key to making a small living space feel bigger is never being afraid to experiment with new combinations. Each area is unique, and the end goal is to make it comfortable for yourself. So, it requires some bold decisions from your side to test out different ideas with furniture and house homewares.

If you want our help to make your small space feel bigger, visit Valentines Furniture shop in Bendigo or shop online.