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Brimming with history, impeccable art and architecture, the homes at Bendigo bring out the sophistication and convenience of an ideal living. But if there is one element that can add more warmth and comfort to your Bendigo home it is an elegant and perfectly styled rug. Rugs are the perfect styling element that can simply elevate the beauty of your home. But the tricky part is how to pull out the top-notch look of your home using rugs. So, here are few tips on how to match rugs to make any open floor plan or unusual angles of your home look more cohesive and functional.

1.    Choose Colour Compatible Pieces of Rugs

Nothing looks more harmonious and pleasing than the look that a complementary colour pairing of rugs can offer. A mix of warm hues with cooler colour tones makes the job right. Consider the colour pairing such as red and green, yellow and purple, blue and orange, or just any complementary piece of rugs that works for your home decor. They make appealing contrasts, giving more light and visibility to the adjoining room.

2.    Double or Triple up the Right Rug

If you can’t find colour contrast pairs of rugs, keep it simple and elegant by adding more pieces of the same matching rugs. Find out one rug that blends in with the home decor, upholstery, or colour tones of your home, and repeat it at different corners or rooms. By doing so, you will create a well-distinguished space with harmony and light. You can also get various dimensions of the same rug to suit your dining, kitchen, or hallways to get a stunning contemporary look.

3.    Bring Out the Statement Rug

Adding character and elegance to your home is much easier with adding a statement piece of rug. It requires experimenting with bold and vibrant colours or patterns that match the theme or decor of your home. A perfect statement rug can accentuate the essence of your home by subtly balancing with the other elements and yet creating a striking and unparalleled look.

4.    Mix and Match Patterned Rugs of the Same Colour

Mixing patterned rugs of the same colour is a classic way of pulling out the elegance of any open area. You can go for bold colours or keep it simple to neutral tones for a subtle or outrageous look. The colours complement each other, helping you create a lively ambience and a smooth flow.  However, it is vital to consider the scales and patterns of the rugs to attain a pleasing atmosphere.

5.    Mix and Match Patterned Rugs of the Same Style

If you are up for a bold and daring look, matching patterned rugs of the same style is sure to complement your style. Oriental rugs are the best options to play with, as they can bring out the charm effortlessly. The extraordinary embroidery detailing, and motifs plays down the colour, not making them too dramatic. 

6.    Play With Consistent or Different Textures of Rugs

Mixing different materials and textures of rugs can give a whole different look to your home decor. They create space and a distinct partition in an open area as long as the other visual elements of your home decor are matched or balanced out.

7.    Choose Rugs of Different Sizes, Colours and Patterns

You can be fearless when it comes to throwing different textures and patterns to coordinate area rugs in your home. Besides, layering is a great technique to add more depth and character. You can go from fluffy rugs to hand-woven woollen rugs of any size, colour, and patterns to create your own style.

Here at Valentines Furniture, we have outstanding collections of rugs to match every home in Bendigo. You can contact our Valentines Furniture team to get more idea about matching rugs for your home.


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Can you imagine a house without any homeware? No way. Adding details to every nook and corner may not be necessary, but they absolutely bring delight to one’s eye. Homewares add more colour and character to your living space and makes it visually remarkable. It can be anything from a mirror that reflects its own beauty or simply a floral element. Homewares bring definite life and light to your walls, floors, ceilings, and furnishings.

As a leading furniture retailer, Valentines Furniture in Bendigo boasts for its exclusive and unique homeware collections that has been serving the people of Bendigo for many years now. Our range of homewares is widely popular for barstools and rugs.


Rugs are a pure work of art. When it comes to home decor, rugs hold a unique place in adding value to your home. You can see its exquisiteness in changing something from fundamental to astounding. They are not just a piece of style element, but they bring a cosy and warm feeling. Rugs are easy to upkeep and can also serve as a beauty barrier to your hardwood flooring.

While choosing a rug, you must carefully consider the complexion of the room. Sometimes adding a rug can simply transform your monotonous space into an extraordinary dwelling. For instance, when picking a suitable rug design for a specific room experiencing high foot traffic, such as hallways or kitchens, make sure to go for a robust dark-themed rug. Most importantly, you should also be aware of how you like to feel them under your feet. In this way, you can keep your choices open on its fabric and finish.

There is an extensive range of rug designs, styles, colours, and patterns to choose from. You can get creative by adding a statement rug to make your room vivacious. Rugs offer plenty of styling options, from being traditional to being a modern trendsetter. The traditional rugs are more complex in designs and patterns with contrasting colours and details. These rugs never fail to make a solid impression.


Barstools bring immense attention to the average set up of your home or office counter or island. Their minimalistic and ergonomic design goes in perfect harmony with any kind of interior. The main advantage of using barstools is they offer more space providing more seating options.

What is the most attractive feature of a barstool? Barstools are versatile. Firstly, they offer a footrest. The footrest adds comfort and support to rest your legs, owing to their height.

Secondly, no traditional chair matches its functionality. Most barstools can be height adjusted with their gas lifting mechanism. So, you get the opportunity to purchase a barstool suiting your style without worrying about its elevation.

Thirdly, barstools provide excellent mobility. The swivel barstools bring forth easy accessibility to your left and right. You can also join conservation from behind. Additionally, some barstools have a support armrest and backrest for comfort.

Barstools invite instant attraction, be it your kitchen counter, island kitchen, dining room or office.

Barstools offer an extensive range of styles, colours and finishes to match your office or home decor. However, swivel bar stools are the most sought-after barstools. From rustic style to modern revolutionary style. They also come in chrome and matte finishes with upholstery seating.

At Valentines Furniture, you can find all your favourite homewares from wall arts, throw rugs, lamps to recliners and barstools. Contact our team to get ideas for styling your home and office to make them aesthetically pleasing.