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At Valentines Furniture, we have the perfect homewares for every Bendigo home. While you may be tempted by the beautiful range of furniture from our furniture store at Bendigo, our stunning and diverse range of homeware collections are equally smashing and perfect to adorn your home.

We have designer decor pieces, decorative accessories, furniture, and also cleaning supplies to keep them looking good for years to come.

Rugs and Throws

Rugs and throws are ideal decor pieces that give a warm, cosy, and welcoming touch to any home space. We have a large collection of handpicked rugs and throws made from high-quality materials in various colours, textures, patterns, and designs to personalise your home.

Create beautiful visuals, contrast, lighten up or play with textures. Our decorative rugs can also be used as a wall tapestry to give your walls an artistic finish.


Give your kitchen a modern makeover from our range of trendy and premium quality barstools. Barstools create beautiful and functional spaces in the kitchen and outdoor bar area. You can also use them as casual dining chairs or just a little ‘hang-out’ space, wherever you want.

Here at our furniture store in Bendigo, we have a curated collection of high-quality, trendy, and comfy barstools that are sure to add a bistro-styled look and elegance to your dining.


Lamps add a unique depth, character, and style to any interior space and enhance its beauty. We have the best traditional and contemporary lamp collection in the town. Our unique homeware lamp collections don’t just light up your space but light up your mood.

At Valentines Furniture, we have a wide variety of lamps in numerous styles, colours, sizes, and heights, ranging from large corner lamps for bedrooms to cutesy bedside lamps.


Our assorted collection of cushions comes in various colours, designs, textures, and sizes. Cushions are cosy and elegant homeware pieces that complete your sofa or bed. They add a lot of character and create an inviting space by adding a magical touch to sofas and beds.

Cushions can easily transform the look of any plain and dull sofa into a lively and breathtakingly beautiful space, which in turn, enhances the total look of a living room. Our cushions perfectly match other decor elements and furniture from our Bendigo furniture and homewares store.


Mirrors are statement pieces. Mirrors can be used to light up a dull room, add drama and depth or make a room look big. You can use them in the hallway, living room, bedroom, and bathroom to personalise your space.

At Valentines Furniture, we have a huge collection of homewares and mirrors available in various shapes, hues, sizes and models, like the Venetian Octagonal Etched Mirror and the Washington Silver Mirror.


Framed images are an artistic and creative way of decorating and personalising a space. A dull wall can become a wall of character with framed images. Our homewares collections have a plethora of framed images that include city schemes like London and nature-inspired wall art like Glide II, Bahama Palm and Giraffe Triptych, which are perfect for creating a mishmash or a unique design on your walls.


Wallpapers are decor elements that help create a balance between the other homewares and decor elements or set a theme of a room. Our homewares department has a beautiful collection of living room, dining and bedroom wallpaper ideal for all kinds of interiors.

Ecofriendly House Homewares Cleaners

We know the importance of maintaining beautiful homeware. Most importantly, cleaning and maintaining them with eco-friendly homeware cleaning products that are safe for the environment. That’s why we have an array of eco-friendly homeware cleaning products like Clean Star Cloth at our furniture store.

We have more! Visit our furniture store at Bendigo or shop online to give your home the much-needed jazz up with quality homewares from Valentines Furniture.


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Brimming with history, impeccable art and architecture, the homes at Bendigo bring out the sophistication and convenience of an ideal living. But if there is one element that can add more warmth and comfort to your Bendigo home it is an elegant and perfectly styled rug. Rugs are the perfect styling element that can simply elevate the beauty of your home. But the tricky part is how to pull out the top-notch look of your home using rugs. So, here are few tips on how to match rugs to make any open floor plan or unusual angles of your home look more cohesive and functional.

1.    Choose Colour Compatible Pieces of Rugs

Nothing looks more harmonious and pleasing than the look that a complementary colour pairing of rugs can offer. A mix of warm hues with cooler colour tones makes the job right. Consider the colour pairing such as red and green, yellow and purple, blue and orange, or just any complementary piece of rugs that works for your home decor. They make appealing contrasts, giving more light and visibility to the adjoining room.

2.    Double or Triple up the Right Rug

If you can’t find colour contrast pairs of rugs, keep it simple and elegant by adding more pieces of the same matching rugs. Find out one rug that blends in with the home decor, upholstery, or colour tones of your home, and repeat it at different corners or rooms. By doing so, you will create a well-distinguished space with harmony and light. You can also get various dimensions of the same rug to suit your dining, kitchen, or hallways to get a stunning contemporary look.

3.    Bring Out the Statement Rug

Adding character and elegance to your home is much easier with adding a statement piece of rug. It requires experimenting with bold and vibrant colours or patterns that match the theme or decor of your home. A perfect statement rug can accentuate the essence of your home by subtly balancing with the other elements and yet creating a striking and unparalleled look.

4.    Mix and Match Patterned Rugs of the Same Colour

Mixing patterned rugs of the same colour is a classic way of pulling out the elegance of any open area. You can go for bold colours or keep it simple to neutral tones for a subtle or outrageous look. The colours complement each other, helping you create a lively ambience and a smooth flow.  However, it is vital to consider the scales and patterns of the rugs to attain a pleasing atmosphere.

5.    Mix and Match Patterned Rugs of the Same Style

If you are up for a bold and daring look, matching patterned rugs of the same style is sure to complement your style. Oriental rugs are the best options to play with, as they can bring out the charm effortlessly. The extraordinary embroidery detailing, and motifs plays down the colour, not making them too dramatic. 

6.    Play With Consistent or Different Textures of Rugs

Mixing different materials and textures of rugs can give a whole different look to your home decor. They create space and a distinct partition in an open area as long as the other visual elements of your home decor are matched or balanced out.

7.    Choose Rugs of Different Sizes, Colours and Patterns

You can be fearless when it comes to throwing different textures and patterns to coordinate area rugs in your home. Besides, layering is a great technique to add more depth and character. You can go from fluffy rugs to hand-woven woollen rugs of any size, colour, and patterns to create your own style.

Here at Valentines Furniture, we have outstanding collections of rugs to match every home in Bendigo. You can contact our Valentines Furniture team to get more idea about matching rugs for your home.


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Can you imagine a house without any homeware? No way. Adding details to every nook and corner may not be necessary, but they absolutely bring delight to one’s eye. Homewares add more colour and character to your living space and makes it visually remarkable. It can be anything from a mirror that reflects its own beauty or simply a floral element. Homewares bring definite life and light to your walls, floors, ceilings, and furnishings.

As a leading furniture retailer, Valentines Furniture in Bendigo boasts for its exclusive and unique homeware collections that has been serving the people of Bendigo for many years now. Our range of homewares is widely popular for barstools and rugs.


Rugs are a pure work of art. When it comes to home decor, rugs hold a unique place in adding value to your home. You can see its exquisiteness in changing something from fundamental to astounding. They are not just a piece of style element, but they bring a cosy and warm feeling. Rugs are easy to upkeep and can also serve as a beauty barrier to your hardwood flooring.

While choosing a rug, you must carefully consider the complexion of the room. Sometimes adding a rug can simply transform your monotonous space into an extraordinary dwelling. For instance, when picking a suitable rug design for a specific room experiencing high foot traffic, such as hallways or kitchens, make sure to go for a robust dark-themed rug. Most importantly, you should also be aware of how you like to feel them under your feet. In this way, you can keep your choices open on its fabric and finish.

There is an extensive range of rug designs, styles, colours, and patterns to choose from. You can get creative by adding a statement rug to make your room vivacious. Rugs offer plenty of styling options, from being traditional to being a modern trendsetter. The traditional rugs are more complex in designs and patterns with contrasting colours and details. These rugs never fail to make a solid impression.


Barstools bring immense attention to the average set up of your home or office counter or island. Their minimalistic and ergonomic design goes in perfect harmony with any kind of interior. The main advantage of using barstools is they offer more space providing more seating options.

What is the most attractive feature of a barstool? Barstools are versatile. Firstly, they offer a footrest. The footrest adds comfort and support to rest your legs, owing to their height.

Secondly, no traditional chair matches its functionality. Most barstools can be height adjusted with their gas lifting mechanism. So, you get the opportunity to purchase a barstool suiting your style without worrying about its elevation.

Thirdly, barstools provide excellent mobility. The swivel barstools bring forth easy accessibility to your left and right. You can also join conservation from behind. Additionally, some barstools have a support armrest and backrest for comfort.

Barstools invite instant attraction, be it your kitchen counter, island kitchen, dining room or office.

Barstools offer an extensive range of styles, colours and finishes to match your office or home decor. However, swivel bar stools are the most sought-after barstools. From rustic style to modern revolutionary style. They also come in chrome and matte finishes with upholstery seating.

At Valentines Furniture, you can find all your favourite homewares from wall arts, throw rugs, lamps to recliners and barstools. Contact our team to get ideas for styling your home and office to make them aesthetically pleasing.


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Choosing a rug for your Bendigo home can be a big decision and can impact the overall look and feel of not just the room it’s situated in, but the entire style of your home. There are tricks you can employ to ensure you choose the right colour and design for your room and this can be based on existing décor, the colour of your walls and so much more.

Here are a few tips to matching your new rug colour and design with any room in your Bendigo home.

Wall Colour

With bold coloured accent walls an ever popular choice for homes in Bendigo today it can be tempting to match to the exact colour for your rug. This isn’t always a good idea and can become overwhelming for the room.

It’s best to avoid rugs for your Bendigo home that are the exact same colour as your walls or accent wall. However, you could pick up some of the colour in the pattern of rug that you choose or select a complimentary colour and design to match the colour of your walls in a subtle shade and create a nice effect.

For Smaller Spaces

If you have a smaller room to fill, like a smaller dining room or study in your Bendigo home, then a lighter coloured rug is usually the way to go. Lighter colours can make smaller spaces appear grander and bigger.

Softer and more gentler patterns are also advised for smaller spaces as they won’t overwhelm the room. If you mix up a gentle pattern with a soft colour scheme, you’ll be helping to expand the look of your smaller room in a fabulous way.

Utilising Cool Tones

Often the décor of our room is for so much more than just the looks, we want to create a true “feel” in the room. If your wanting to create a calming vibe in your living room or dining space in Bendigo, then choosing a rug with cool tones is the best way to go.

These can be ocean blues and soft aqua in your rug and will almost bring a beachy, cool feel to the room that will be instantly calming and help to create the overall soothing and relaxing mood you’re looking for.

Fitting Your Current Space

If you’re styling a room from scratch, then often people will choose the rug and work from that when they choose their sofas and coffee tables.

But if you’re purchasing a rug for your Bendigo home for a completed room then you will want to consider the current décor, feel, colours and patterns that are already featured in the room.

If you have bold geometric shapes, then a gentler pattern can balance that out. If you have simplistic patterns on your existing furniture then you can consider going for a bolder and vibrant design to really make the rug pop as a centre piece for the room.

Creating an Intimate Space

If you’re looking to create an intimate room that just makes you feel warm and cosy the minute you walk into it, then choosing deeper tones in your rug for your Bendigo home is always a great choice.

This can be deep rich reds and browns, or even darker navy blues. The pattern can be of your choosing and what suits the décor of the room, but the selection of colours in those deep tones will definitely create an overall feel of an intimate space in any room in your Bendigo home.

Rugs in Bendigo

Find your perfect rug in Bendigo at Valentines Furniture and browse our extensive collection of rugs online or come visit our Bendigo furniture store at 56 Beischer Street, Bendigo, Victoria. Shop with us today!


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Focal Point, Subtle or Accent

There are three main design schools of thought when it comes to the inclusion of a rug in your Bendigo home. These include as to whether you would like the rug to be the focal point, a subtle feature or accent other focal points of the room.

If you want the rug to be the absolute focal point of the room then usually you would go for a really bold, statement rug. Geometric shapes and bright colours are a favourite for making your rug the hero of the room that sets the tone for every other style element in the space.

Another thought process of rug styling in Bendigo homes is to have the rug as a subtle addition to the room where the rug blends in with the other aspects and elements of the space, without drawing large attention to its presence. Neutral tones, light greys and whites will achieve this style option beautifully.

The final major option most rug style guides will recommend is to have your rug as an accent to play off or support the main focal points of the room, like pristine hardwood floors, vibrant cushions or that glorious chesterfield sofa.

To achieve the accent, it all depends on the major star of the room and its design, colour scheme and flare. These key focal points will set the tone for how you would like to support them with your perfectly accenting rug.

Measure Your Space

It sounds so simple; you want to make sure you get the right sized rug for the space you’re looking to fill with just that perfect amount of exposed flooring on each side. But you would be surprised how often measurements get skewed and rugs get brought home and they are the wrong shape, or their too long or too wide.

The best advice when it comes to purchasing a rug for your Bendigo home, is to be sure to measure the size of the room, from the width to the length. Then mark in where you would like the rug to sit on the floor.

Is the rug going to be in the centre of the room or are you looking to fill the majority of the space to protect hardwood floors from wear? All of these factors will need to be considered when selecting the perfect sized rug for your Bendigo home.

Unfortunately, rugs won’t all be designed to fit the exact space perfectly so it is handy to review the sizing guide in our Bendigo rug collection to see what you will be working with and see how that fits to your particular space.

Once you’ve measured the room (and measured again!), reviewed the sizes available and worked out how much exposed flooring you’d like to bare, you’ll be delighted when you bring home your new rug to your Bendigo home and find the fit is just perfect!

The Rugs Functionality

When considering which option of material types and styles you would like to have in your new rug, then you need to take into account what type of function that rug will have in your home or office.

Often the rug will be used in a lounge room where people may even sit down on the rug, so it could be great to go for a fleecier style like a shag rug which are simply built for comfort. Whereas, soft wool rugs are great for bare feet in bedrooms and living spaces.

Many rugs will be used in high traffic areas and therefore a more durable designer fabric is recommended. Hallway rugs often result in large traffic coming through and it’s important to consider this and the dust that can build up in these small spaces when selecting your rug for your Bendigo home’s hallway.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a rug to fill an entry way that is desirably going to have to withstand dirt and grime that comes through, then you want to consider your options for an easy to clean rug. Take note of the cleaning instructions and see what’s the most practical for your personal needs.

Valentines Furniture can assist you with all your questions related to the functionality, design feature and size of your rug at our Bendigo store. Come visit us today!