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Choosing a rug for your Bendigo home can be a big decision and can impact the overall look and feel of not just the room it’s situated in, but the entire style of your home. There are tricks you can employ to ensure you choose the right colour and design for your room and this can be based on existing décor, the colour of your walls and so much more.

Here are a few tips to matching your new rug colour and design with any room in your Bendigo home.

Wall Colour

With bold coloured accent walls an ever popular choice for homes in Bendigo today it can be tempting to match to the exact colour for your rug. This isn’t always a good idea and can become overwhelming for the room.

It’s best to avoid rugs for your Bendigo home that are the exact same colour as your walls or accent wall. However, you could pick up some of the colour in the pattern of rug that you choose or select a complimentary colour and design to match the colour of your walls in a subtle shade and create a nice effect.

For Smaller Spaces

If you have a smaller room to fill, like a smaller dining room or study in your Bendigo home, then a lighter coloured rug is usually the way to go. Lighter colours can make smaller spaces appear grander and bigger.

Softer and more gentler patterns are also advised for smaller spaces as they won’t overwhelm the room. If you mix up a gentle pattern with a soft colour scheme, you’ll be helping to expand the look of your smaller room in a fabulous way.

Utilising Cool Tones

Often the décor of our room is for so much more than just the looks, we want to create a true “feel” in the room. If your wanting to create a calming vibe in your living room or dining space in Bendigo, then choosing a rug with cool tones is the best way to go.

These can be ocean blues and soft aqua in your rug and will almost bring a beachy, cool feel to the room that will be instantly calming and help to create the overall soothing and relaxing mood you’re looking for.

Fitting Your Current Space

If you’re styling a room from scratch, then often people will choose the rug and work from that when they choose their sofas and coffee tables.

But if you’re purchasing a rug for your Bendigo home for a completed room then you will want to consider the current décor, feel, colours and patterns that are already featured in the room.

If you have bold geometric shapes, then a gentler pattern can balance that out. If you have simplistic patterns on your existing furniture then you can consider going for a bolder and vibrant design to really make the rug pop as a centre piece for the room.

Creating an Intimate Space

If you’re looking to create an intimate room that just makes you feel warm and cosy the minute you walk into it, then choosing deeper tones in your rug for your Bendigo home is always a great choice.

This can be deep rich reds and browns, or even darker navy blues. The pattern can be of your choosing and what suits the décor of the room, but the selection of colours in those deep tones will definitely create an overall feel of an intimate space in any room in your Bendigo home.

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