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Focal Point, Subtle or Accent

There are three main design schools of thought when it comes to the inclusion of a rug in your Bendigo home. These include as to whether you would like the rug to be the focal point, a subtle feature or accent other focal points of the room.

If you want the rug to be the absolute focal point of the room then usually you would go for a really bold, statement rug. Geometric shapes and bright colours are a favourite for making your rug the hero of the room that sets the tone for every other style element in the space.

Another thought process of rug styling in Bendigo homes is to have the rug as a subtle addition to the room where the rug blends in with the other aspects and elements of the space, without drawing large attention to its presence. Neutral tones, light greys and whites will achieve this style option beautifully.

The final major option most rug style guides will recommend is to have your rug as an accent to play off or support the main focal points of the room, like pristine hardwood floors, vibrant cushions or that glorious chesterfield sofa.

To achieve the accent, it all depends on the major star of the room and its design, colour scheme and flare. These key focal points will set the tone for how you would like to support them with your perfectly accenting rug.

Measure Your Space

It sounds so simple; you want to make sure you get the right sized rug for the space you’re looking to fill with just that perfect amount of exposed flooring on each side. But you would be surprised how often measurements get skewed and rugs get brought home and they are the wrong shape, or their too long or too wide.

The best advice when it comes to purchasing a rug for your Bendigo home, is to be sure to measure the size of the room, from the width to the length. Then mark in where you would like the rug to sit on the floor.

Is the rug going to be in the centre of the room or are you looking to fill the majority of the space to protect hardwood floors from wear? All of these factors will need to be considered when selecting the perfect sized rug for your Bendigo home.

Unfortunately, rugs won’t all be designed to fit the exact space perfectly so it is handy to review the sizing guide in our Bendigo rug collection to see what you will be working with and see how that fits to your particular space.

Once you’ve measured the room (and measured again!), reviewed the sizes available and worked out how much exposed flooring you’d like to bare, you’ll be delighted when you bring home your new rug to your Bendigo home and find the fit is just perfect!

The Rugs Functionality

When considering which option of material types and styles you would like to have in your new rug, then you need to take into account what type of function that rug will have in your home or office.

Often the rug will be used in a lounge room where people may even sit down on the rug, so it could be great to go for a fleecier style like a shag rug which are simply built for comfort. Whereas, soft wool rugs are great for bare feet in bedrooms and living spaces.

Many rugs will be used in high traffic areas and therefore a more durable designer fabric is recommended. Hallway rugs often result in large traffic coming through and it’s important to consider this and the dust that can build up in these small spaces when selecting your rug for your Bendigo home’s hallway.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a rug to fill an entry way that is desirably going to have to withstand dirt and grime that comes through, then you want to consider your options for an easy to clean rug. Take note of the cleaning instructions and see what’s the most practical for your personal needs.

Valentines Furniture can assist you with all your questions related to the functionality, design feature and size of your rug at our Bendigo store. Come visit us today!