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An excellent furniture care product is just the thing you need to maintain your furniture to keep it looking brand new. A thoughtful furniture setting elevates the beauty and aesthetics of your home. Everybody likes to snuggle in their cosy warm sofas and spend time at their favourite coffee tables. However, by doing so, your furniture quickly becomes a victim of spills, dust, and dirt from regular usage. So, keeping them clean and pristine improves the look and health of your living space. 

Valentines Furniture has an extensive range of furniture care products to choose from. You can have a look at some of our furniture and leather care products.

Leather Care Kit

Now cleaning your favourite leather furniture is easy with the Leather Care Kit. The kit comes with a leather protection cream, a soft cleaner, 2 sponges and soft cloths with a brochure. Firstly, the leather cleaner is a solvent-free, mild, detergent and water-based cleaner. It is safe on all leather types.

Additionally, you can utilise the sponge to clean your leather furniture. It provides deep cleaning and does not remove the finish of your leather furniture.  Once you are done with the cleaning, apply the leather protection cream. The cream is suitable for all leather types except nubuck and suede. It nourishes your leather by deeply penetrating inside and also protects from watermarks and stains. Make sure to apply this leather cream with the soft cloth that comes with the kit.

Fabric care kit

Try the Fabric Care Kit  for effective cleaning on fabric furniture, including sofas and arm chairs. The kit comes with a Fabric Cleaner, Fabric Protector, and a cleaning mitt. The Fabric Care Kit effectively removes most tough stains and spills, be it coffee, tea, or any stubborn stains. However, any spilling requires immediate action to keep your upholstery spotless. Use a sponge while using the Fabric Care Kit. The Fabric Cleaner removes all the dry dirt and dust on your upholstery and furniture. These products reinvigorate your favourite fabric upholstery furniture effortlessly. 

Touch Up Markers

Are you trying to remove minor blemishes from your wooden furniture? Touch Up Markers are an excellent product to remove minor scratches and marks from your timber furniture. Touch Up Markers are a popular product as they are easily applied, provide instant results and are fast drying. You can find the right shade to fit to almost any wood coloured finish.  

Clean Star Cloth

Clean star cloth is just the right cleaning equipment for everyone who is in a hurry or doesn’t want to be bogged down in cleaning. This cleaning cloth feels light and incredibly soft on your hands. But don’t underestimate its efficiency in cleaning. It effectively dusts and removes all the surface soiling on your tables, chairs, leather sofas and other furnishings. It can also attract 40 times more dust than any other cleaning cloths. You don’t have to dampen these cloths in water or use any extra cleaning spray to take off dust. So, these furniture care products are eco-friendly and highly safe.

Leather Vital Care

Leather needs extra care and protection as it does not come with a protective coating. Therefore, maintaining the sheen and velvety shine is not always easy. However, you can revitalise delicate leathers by applying specific leather care products. Leather Vital is a leather treatment product that helps restore the shine of all sensitive leathers like nubuck and suede. It is easy and convenient to use. So just wipe the Leather Vital Care over your leather furniture and let them air dry. This will make the leather surface shine and give a pristine to look to your leather furniture.

Cleaning and maintaining your upholstery can be overwhelming. Valentines Furniture can help you to choose the best leather, timber and fabric furniture care products in Bendigo. Get in touch with us today or browse our furniture care products online.


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When looking for low-maintenance and durable furniture, leather is a premium quality to consider. You can easily keep your leather sofa, ottoman, and other furniture pieces in mint condition if you maintain them properly.

When you buy leather furniture, you make a significant investment for the future because no one buys new furniture regularly. Therefore, it is advisable to choose one and maintain it accordingly to ensure longevity. The leather furniture is going to last for years to come. Consequently, you should choose one that meets the aesthetics of your house.

Types of leather upholstery

There are two types of leather upholstery, and each of them needs a specific kind of maintenance. If you want to know the type of leather in your furniture, check the manufacturing details. However, if you’re not sure about how to care for your leather furniture, let us help you.

Unprotected Leather

These are also known as aniline or unfinished leather. The furniture made from this leather is very soft in texture and adds affluence to your home. This type of leather has no surface pigmentation along with little or no protective coating at all.

The aniline leather is not only expensive but more prone to staining. Pull-up leather and nubuck is one of the most common types of aniline leather.

Protected Leather

The furniture you usually find is made of protected leather. It could be aniline along with pigment, pigmented or semi-aniline leather. Compared to aniline leather, protected leather provides extra comfort, durability, stain-resistance, and a better appearance.

Semi-aniline leather is dyed using aniline and has a softer touch, similar to aniline leather. Various aniline leather made furniture have protective coatings of thick layers of polymer or pigment to provide a stiffer approach. Furthermore, it helps to prevent wear and tear.

Clean Your Leather Furniture Regularly

Leather is a very durable material, however, still degrades with time; hence, it requires regular maintenance. Routine maintenance and cleaning of leather furniture are essential.

A weekly maintenance schedule can help to keep the leather furniture in proper shape and condition. Hence, you will be able to avoid the risk of mismatched upholstery.

Follow these steps to keep your leather furniture in the best condition:

Use a soft cloth to remove dust from the surface of your furniture. It is advisable to use a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachment to remove dirt from the furniture’s crannies. There are several products in the market available for cleaning the furniture. However, it is advisable to check the leather furniture care products reviews before choosing one. Moreover, you should avoid going for DIY measures that they boast about on the internet. These can do more harm than good. It is advisable to wipe the surface of the furniture using a damp cloth. However, you should use distilled water and not tap water because chlorine from tap water can damage the leather surface. You should avoid soaking up the leather sofa. It is advisable to use leather care products for cleaning the leather furniture once every two to four weeks. You should avoid using all-purpose wipes from the supermarket because they will damage your leather furniture even before you know it. Allow your leather sofa to dry for a significant time. It would be best if you do not sit on it while it’s still in the drying phase as it can bring down the longevity. Furthermore, it will also help to avoid creases from appearing.

Oil is a significant part of leather that needs replenishment from time to time to maintain the condition. This can play an essential role in keeping your leather furniture soft and shiny. However, regular use of leather furniture will require proper maintenance.

Shop with Valentines Furniture in Bendigo for the best in leather furniture care products.


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Keeping Your Furniture in Top Condition

When you invest in quality furniture, it pays dividends to keep it in good condition. With some regular cleaning and maintenance, it will look as good as new for many years. At Valentines Bendigo Furniture Stores we have years of experience with furniture of all types. This includes selection, care, maintenance, and upholstering. Here are our tips on caring for your fabric and leather furniture to extend your furniture’s lifespan and keep it in top shape.

Fabric Furniture

• Vacuum your sofa regularly. • Remove any stains immediately • Do not place your furniture in direct sunlight

Fabric Furniture Care Products

Use only quality products to care for your fabric furniture for best results. Avoid chemicals. Invisible protection is recommended when you first purchase the furniture. Valentines Bendigo Furniture Stores recommend Microfibre Cleaning Kit by Textile Master for regular cleaning. We also recommend that you regularly use Textile Odour Remover to keep your furniture smelling fresh.

Leather Furniture Care

Good leather sofas, recliners and other furniture look amazing. When you buy quality, they are guaranteed to stand the test of time, provided that you look after them correctly. Here are some tips for taking care of your leather furnishings.

• Use a vacuum cleaner on the furniture regularly with a soft upholstery attachment • Regularly clean and moisturise the upholstery • Use quality cleaning products • Wipe up any food, drink or spills straight away so that they don’t sink into the fabric and stain it • If the cushions are removable, rotate them regularly to even out the wear

Leather Furniture Care Products

The use of a good quality leather conditioner is recommended. This should be applied just once every 6-12 months. Also use a stain guard when you first by the furniture. Valentine’s Bendigo Furniture stores recommend easy leather care kit leather protection cream, or leather soft cleaner all by Leather Masters. Never use detergents, solvents or abrasives on your leather. The best product for you depends on your unique type and brand of furniture. As our team about the best furniture care products for your furnishings.   Furniture Rules

Put some rules in place with your kids, your family, and the furniture.

• Avoid having sharp objects such as scissors and knives anywhere near your sofa • Do not have your meals on the sofa • Do not jump on the sofa – or allow children to jump on the sofa • There should be no artwork or writing on sofas – allocate artwork to a designated area of the home • No one should sit on sofa arms. This will help you to avoid any extra strain on the structure of the furniture and it will maintain its original shape and form. • There should be no smoking on the furniture

Motion furniture such as recliners should have the footrest returned to the upright position when not in use. Leaving the footrest in the extended position can cause damage to the mechanism. When you first purchase your recliner, the mechanism may feel stiff. Note that this is not a fault – the recliner will loosen up with use.

Professional Cleaning

If you’re looking for a professional clean of your furniture, then you can achieve this look from the products available from Valentines Furniture. Contact us for advice on how to preserve and rejuvenate your furniture with our range of Fabric and Leather furniture care products available from Valentines Furniture. You can order your furniture care products from our online store and have them delivered or come to the furniture store and browse the products for yourself and get some helpful advice!

For information and advice about new furniture contact Valentines Furniture, or caring for your existing leather and fabric furniture, contact our Bendigo Furniture Stores sales team today.

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