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Recliners are one of the ultimate luxuries we can have in our homes. They embody everything that we imagine about comfort and relaxation when we’re reading a good book or just relaxing in front of the television.

If you’re finding it difficult to get out of your recliner due to aches and pains or decreased mobility, then there is a practical solution available to you. IMG and Lazyboy offer a range of Lift Recliners which will assist you in getting out of your comfortable chair with a convenient and safe lift mechanism.

Don’t let yourself miss out on the comfort and luxury of a recliner chair – shop for Lift recliners from Lazyboy and IMG today!

Both of these stunning brands are available for purchase from Valentines Furniture store in Bendigo.

IMG Lift Recliner

The IMG Lift Recliners have a fantastic function which provides you with the ability to go from the seated position through to the standing position with ease. You can place the IMG recliner in the lift position so when you next wish to relax in your beautiful recliner you can simply reverse the process and you’ll be safely and comfortably seated in no time!

As with all IMG products, the Lift Recliner is built with the same Scandinavian design philosophy and constructed with the utmost craftsmanship. This ensures it is safe and secure for operation.

Not only are they practical and convenient for those with limited or impacted mobility, but they are also highly stylish and come in a range including leather and fabric options. That means there’s an IMG Lift Recliner available at Valentines Furniture store in Bendigo to suit all home decors and styles.

The Duke Lift Recliner from IMG is a fine example of where this designer style and practicality emerge as one. Shop online or visit our Bendigo store to try it for yourself!

Lazyboy Lift Recliners

Lazyboy is one of the most famous names in the recliner genre of furniture across the world and there’s good reason for that. Their designs operate smoothly and securely. Their mechanism is of the highest quality, so you can be assured of the longevity of your Lazyboy recliner.

This quality craftsmanship extends to the Lazyboy Lift Recliner editions available at Valentines Furniture Bendigo store. You can be assured that you’ll find a safe, secure and efficient mechanism in the engineering of the Lift device and your safety is paramount with Lazyboy Lift Recliners.

The Astor Platinum lift recliner from Lazyboy is ingeniously developed with an enclosed lift mechanism and will deliver zero-gravity positioning to get you from the seated position to standing with the simple touch of a button. It comes with all the elite features you’d expect from a Lazyboy recliner and is the ultimate in comfort and practicality you’d expect from a high-quality lift recliner.

Not only does it recline for ultimate luxury and comfort, but it is also a lift chair that will get you into a standing position safely and securely.

Contact our team or visit our Bendigo Furniture store to find out more about how you can make your life that much easier and for how you can enjoy your recliner to its full potential with the lift recliner mechanism featured in IMG and Lazyboy Recliners.