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IMG is located in Skykkylven in Norway. Their passion is to design and engineer furniture that gives extreme ergonomic support and comfort.

IMG Strive For Excellence

Their vision is to create exclusive designs which deliver an extraordinary combination of quality, comfort and unmatched value. Every item of furniture reflects these values.

State of the Art Technology

The range is designed with the latest in innovative technology and is thoroughly tested by their development team. The company pursues perfection and employs highly experienced people and partners who share the vision and their love of furniture.

Old World Craftsmanship

The atmosphere at IMG is one of inventiveness and optimism. The team are creative and we are always innovating and improving. Every sofa and chair is made for relaxation and the human body is the pattern for every furniture piece that is created. IMG take pride in studying the human body so that the furniture can be developed to fit into our lives and balance comfort with health and space efficiency.

The Norwegian designers have had decades of experience creating furniture for durability, stability, function, and beauty. It is designed to enhance our health and provide the ultimate in comfort.

IMG Furniture Is Beautiful

IMG lounge suites, recliners and IMG chairs have attractive details on each chair and sofa. All our materials have been selected with quality, comfort, and beauty in mind. Our unique mark is left on each piece of furniture. The furniture is designed to give you years of joy. IMG furniture has a design that is unmatched by any other brand.

Leather Fabric

Most IMG lounge suites and furniture are made from leather. As well as being aesthetic and comfortable, leather has a long lifespan. It is hardwearing and durable as well as beautiful.

IMG furniture is unique and is the ultimate in supreme comfort and ergonomic support. It has been engineered by expert furniture craftsman who are selected for their passion and knowledge of furniture.

At Valentines Furniture we stock a wide range of IMG recliners, chairs, lounge suites, and furniture. The comfort and style needs to be seen to believed. Come in and test the IMG furniture at our Bendigo store, or contact us by email or on 03 5441 6983 for more information.