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In 1971, the Stressless chair was born and the makers have been advancing the technology with their patented in-built comfort ever since. A Stressless chair is the perfect addition to any dull room and can liven up that dead corner you’ve been dying to bring to life.

The Perfect Reading Chair

Due to its incredible level of comfort and the unique design of the footrest, the Stressless chair makes the perfect reading chair. Whether it’s in that dull room you’re just not sure what to do with or just that lifeless corner of the room you need to liven up, you can utilise a Stressless chair as the perfect reading chair.

Reading chair

A Gorgeous Accent Chair

The accent chair has become a popular fashion statement in many homes across Australia and you’re probably wondering how you can bring a unique twist to this popular style. Well, the Stressless chair is the perfect alternative to traditional accent chairs and best of all you’ll be relaxing in absolute comfort.

Gorgeous Accent chair

Enhance Your Study

A study can be a dull room in your home but it doesn’t have to be! The Stressless chair is the perfect addition to add incredible and impeccable style and sophistication to any home’s study. Not only is it stylish and fashionable, it’s also an incredibly comfortable place to catch up on that reading and research.

Study room chair

Recline in the Lounge

Looking for that perfect piece to complete that drab corner of your lounge that is just screaming for style? The Stressless chair will bring that corner to life! Stressless are the epitome of incredible looks and timeless sophistication and that is just what that dull corner of the lounge room needs!


Find Your Stressless Chair

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