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If you’ve made the investment into a beautiful Stressless recliner chair, a fine timber dining set or La-Z-boy recliner, then you’re going to want to ensure that the leather or fabric remains in pristine condition for as long as possible.

To assist you with this, there are a number of furniture care products available that will help prolong the life of your sofa, lounge suite, chair or recliner. These range from products for cleaning your upholstery, furniture polishing products and kits to protect the surfaces of your furniture from future wear.

Browse through Valentines Furniture’s range of furniture care products to find the perfect solution to ensure you maintain your leather and fabric furniture’s look, quality and durability for years to come.

Fabric Furniture Care Products

Fabric sofas, recliners and lounge suites are a beautiful addition to any room and can be mixed and matched to suit any décor. No matter your style or taste, you’ll find the right look to enhance your space and add an air of style and sophistication with a fabric sofa, lounge or recliner.

However, fabric sofas and recliners can build up with dirt and grime from everyday use and over time, this can cause the fabric’s colour and vibrancy to fade and become dull. But there is action you can take right now to ensure that your fabrics remain vivid for years to come.

There are a range of furniture care products for all types of textiles and fabrics to remove unsightly stains, clean away dirt and grime and simply protect and maintain the cleanliness of your sofa or recliner’s fabric.

Valentines Furniture in Bendigo offers a complete range of Fabric Furniture Care Products online or in our Bendigo based furniture store. Shop with us today!

Leather Furniture Care Products

Leather furniture upholstery remains one of the most popular choices of luxury furniture for the modern home. It is a beautiful investment that is durable and hard-wearing and brings a classic yet modern sophistication to any room.

However, with time and daily use of our leather furniture, grease and oil from the hands and neck transfer onto the leather which can break down the clear finish on the surface.

For this reason, Valentines Furniture stock a range of products at our Bendigo store that are available to purchase online for protecting your leather furniture and creating a barrier against grease and oil.

They also offer a range of leather furniture care products for keeping your upholstery clean and maintaining against everyday spills, dirt and ink that may find its way onto your furniture’s surface area.

This range of leather furniture care products protect and clean your leather surfaces with gentle formulas that won’t cause any adverse reactions or irritation to the leather. It’s an effective way to maintain the look and pristine condition of your leathers.

Timber Furniture Care Products

If you have invested in a beautiful timber dining set or a fine wood coffee table, then you’re going to want to ensure it maintains its gloss shine for as long as possible. With the right timber furniture care products you can maintain that look for years to come.

Specialised cloths have been developed to ensure fine dust is removed from wooden furniture without scratching or marking the finish.

There are also a range of high quality timber furniture polishing products on the market and these are available for purchase online or in our Bendigo store.

Make Your Furniture Last!

Whether you’ve purchased a sophisticated leather Stressless recliner chair, a comfy La-Z-Boy recliner or a stunning 7 piece timber dining set, you’ll want to ensure it remains in immaculate condition for as long as possible.

At Valentines Furniture in Bendigo, we stock a range of products to protect and preserve all types of leathers, fabrics and timber with our extensive collection of furniture care products. Shop online today!



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There is a philosophy at Molmic Furniture to create and design unique, funky, modern designs with fabric styles and colours that allow you to truly express yourself and create spaces with their sofas, couches and lounge suites that are entirely unique to you.

Molmic’s on-trend and modern designs and styles generate new and fresh looks in any home. You’ll be inspired to create a unique and individual space with the Molmic range of sofas and lounge suites. The entire collection is the epitome and essence of modern style and will enable you to express yourself in your home décor like never before.

Get Inspired

At Molmic, they believe in creating furniture that truly inspires their customers to create spaces that are unique and stylish. Molmic designs are developed to stimulate your creative side and inspire you to create a room that is as individual as you are. The Molmic sofas and couches will be guaranteed to awaken your inner creative soul.

Be Creative

Molmic allows you to truly be creative with the looks you produce in your home. With their fresh and modern styles and colours, you can update your home with fun colours and quirky pieces that other brands simply don’t cater for. Check out the latest in Molmic lounge suites, couches and sofas for all the colours and designs you need to get creative with your home and dress a room in your own individual style.

Staying Ahead of The Trends

Molmic is the ultimate in modern designer furniture and they believe in staying ahead of the latest trends in furniture design. If you’re looking to bring your home or office into the now, then Molmic is for you. Their furniture embodies the latest shapes, colours and styles as they stay ahead of the latest furniture trends.

Express Your Own Style

With the unique pieces in the Molmic furniture range, you are able to express your own individual and unique sense of style. Molmic believe in allowing their valued customers to bring their personality to life with the looks they create in their home with their Molmic sofas and lounge suites. Choose the colours that speak to you!

Funky Looks

Molmic have unique and extremely funky designs that are hard to find in competing furniture brands. The fabric styles available in the Molmic furniture range are hip and now and we’ll create a funky feel and look in any home or office. If you want to create a unique room that embodies modern trends and styles, then you need Molmic furniture in your life!

Modern Stying

Molmic furniture, including their range of sofas, couches and lounge suite designs, are cutting edge when it comes to the latest in modern designs and trends. Even the accent chairs and ottomans offer modern fabrics and funky on-trend designs. Molmic pride themselves on staying ahead of the latest trends, and that is clearly reflected in the up-to-date styles, fabrics and colours on offer in the collection.

Buy Molmic Furniture At Valentines Furniture

If you’re looking to get creative in your home and looking for a furniture brand that will truly inspire your creative side, then come to Valentines Furniture in Bendigo and browse the latest, on-trend designs from Molmic Furniture. We stock all the latest Molmic sofas, lounge suites and couches. Visit us today or shop with us online.



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When it comes to IMG furniture, designing each piece with the human body in mind is at the forefront of every decision that is made. They take great pride in understanding the human needs hierarchy when it comes to the lounge suites, recliners and chairs that they design.

IMG Ergonomics

IMG utilise the “science of ergonomics” and they employ their cutting edge technological know-how and traditional furniture design and production values to create seating and lounge suites that truly fit to the human body. IMG Furniture exemplify values of providing true comfort in each piece of furniture they create.

This sophisticated technology used to create IMG seating includes one-off mechanisms, “cold-cured moulded foam, ultra-sonic wood lamination”” and an individually designed steel framing used in every IMG piece. They are ahead in this technology and it is this that separates IMG furniture from competing brands on the market.

Innovation of Style

Although the foundation for each IMG furniture piece is the human form, they do not compromise on style. In the eyes of IMG, the stylish looks and aesthetics of each piece is an added bonus that they are able to provide to their many customers, whom have become proud owners of IMG furniture.

If you’re looking for a lounge suite, recliner, or even a stylish office chair, buffet or coffee table, then IMG bring that to you in a sophisticated, attractive and stylish way that we’ll be sure to compliment the look and feel of any home or office. If you’re looking to add style to a room, then IMG furniture is for you.

The IMG Range

IMG Recliners & Chairs

A part of the IMG collection you simply cannot go past is the IMG recliners and chairs. They feature a one of a kind and distinct mechanism for adjusting the recliner and are all built with the IMG ergonomic design and technology.

They’re also built to last, in all aspects from the foam utilised, the reclining mechanism and the fabric and frame that is used. If you want to have a chair or recliner that you can enjoy in comfort for years to come, then you need an IMG recliner.

Another aspect that cannot be looked passed is the fine attention to detail and true craftsmanship of each IMG recliner and chair. The recliner and ottoman combinations are sophisticated, yet regal. They make an excellent addition to a lounge room, study or simply to relax in comfort in a reading nook.

IMG Lounge Suites

Every detail in an IMG lounge suite has been considered, right down to the functionality, comfort and ergonomic design of the headrests and the lower back support. The design has spine and neck support in mind, so you know you’ll achieve long term comfort and not stress your back and neck in the future. You’re every need is taken care of with an IMG lounge suite.

The IMG lounge suites comes in a range of fine leathers, in an assortment of stylish colours. There is a leather upholstery to fit to any taste, style and décor.  There is a choice of reclining sofas or stationary sofas, and both come with the built in ergonomics and aesthetics that have become part of the signature of IMG furniture.

Where to Buy IMG Furniture

If you’re looking to enhance your home or office with an IMG recliner or lounge suite, then Valentines Furniture offer a range of styles and colours to meet your needs. Come visit our Bendigo store or shop with us online.


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The Stressless recliner is one of the most well-known recliners ever to be released and they’ve been perfecting this signature style and comfort since the Stressless recliner’s conception in 1971. With a designer Scandinavian look and feel to every recliner, it’s not hard to see how innovative the Stressless recliner truly is.

Innovators of Comfort

With a company mission of creating the most comfortable seating in the world, it’s no wonder that Stressless are the innovators of comfort. Stressless recliners offer unparalleled support to your back and neck and the innovative Stressless Glide system is truly intuitive to the human body. Every element of a Stressless recliner is designed to work in unison to create a total innovation in comfort and relaxation that meets the needs of every inch of your body.

Designer Influence

For Stressless, it’s not just important that their “comfort engineers” are experts in contouring to the human body, they also ensure that they stay ahead of the latest fashions to draw inspiration for future Stressless recliners. They say inspiration can come from anywhere, including the catwalks of Milan! From the fashions of Milan, Stressless are able to transform and transfer these trends to create the newest additions to the Stressless Recliner collection.

The Stressless Name

It is absolutely vital that each Stressless Recliner that is produced is worthy of carrying the Stressless name and it is this commitment to superior quality that sees Stressless ahead of the game when it comes to designer recliners. They’ve even developed a “product council” to ensure that stringent standards are adhered to before any Stressless recliner is released. Only the best recliners earn the Stressless name.

Come Visit a Stressless Recliner

You’ll won’t truly understand the how extraordinarily visionary the comfort and style of the Stressless recliner is until you try it for yourself and you can do just that at Valentines Furniture in Bendigo. We have a wide range of Stressless recliners available. Shop online or visit our store today!


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There is something distinct about the uncompromised luxury that comes from the Moran Furniture range. Moran have styles to meet the most contemporary of tastes yet have still managed to hold true to that classic styling in many of their sofas and Moran chairs. Whatever your taste, you’ll be sure to find the perfect furniture to complete your home’s look with the Moran collection.

Chesterfield Sofas

The chesterfield sofa is one of the most recognised sofa designs across the world and has been a popular feature of homes for over a century. No one does the chesterfield sofa quite like Moran, with a classic touch and hand studding that makes each piece a work of art. The chesterfield style and sophistication are reflected in Moran’s Wellington Chesterfield three seater which is one of the many spectacular Moran Furniture pieces available at Valentines Furniture in Bendigo.

Moran Chairs

If you are looking to complete a living room space or add sophistication and style to an office, then the impeccably designed Romsey Wing Chair with ottoman from Moran Furniture is exactly what you’re looking for. With diamond button detail and that distinct Moran hand studding along the seams, this classic Moran chair embodies style and elegance. Moran chairs truly add a touch of class to any home or office space, so come see it for yourself at Valentines Furniture in Bendigo.

Moran Recliner Chairs

The recliner chair has made a surge in popularity in the modern home and the latest designs not only embody all that is true comfort, but an air of style and sophistication. This is certainly true of the Moran recliner chair, the Avalon, which comes with built in comfort and lumbar support in the contemporary yet classic designer style that you’ve come to expect from Moran Furniture. Come into Valentines Furniture in Bendigo to test out these beautiful Moran recliner chairs.

Contemporary Designs

The contemporary range of sofas from Moran Furniture are built for comfort and luxurious living, with generously sized proportions to ensure you have space to indulge. A perfect example is the Britannia three seater sofa which is designed in stylish leather and is perfect for creating a modern look that will enhance and elevate any home. If you want to create contemporary styling in your home that is sure to impress, then look no further than Moran Furniture.

Shop with Valentines Furniture online or visit our store in Bendigo for more Moran Furniture.



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Built in Michigan in the United States, the Lazy Boy recliner has become world famous for relaxation and comfort all built into one recliner. You can get these world famous recliners from the designer furniture brand specialists at Valentines Furniture.

Back Support

One of the amazing features of the Lazy Boy recliner is the impeccable back support that their advanced technology offers. No matter what position you have your Lazy Boy recliner in, you’ll find your back is fully supported in the most comfortable position possible.

Recline in Style

Not only will you be supported and comfortable in your Lazy Boy recliner but you will recline in style! Lazy Boy recliners are renowned for their incredible sense of style. Their designs are adaptable to almost any décor which makes them versatile too.

Functional Footrest

The functional footrest in the Lazy Boy recliner has three locked in rest positions. That means you can relax in the perfect position that completely fits with your reclining style.

Strong Frames

The frames in the Lazy Boy recliner are world class and are built to withstand the demands associated with the reclining action of the Lazy Boy recliner. When you recline and get up from a recliner you tend to push down on the frame more than traditional arm chairs, so that’s why it’s so important to have a solid and sturdy frame.

Comfort Filling

All these features are wonderful but one of the best parts about the Lazy Boy recliner is that the inner foam and filling is incredibly comfortable to sit on. You can rest in your Lazy Boy recliner all day thanks to the wonderful technology utilised in the insert foam.

Where to Find a Lazy Boy Recliner

You can get your comfortable, high quality and durable Lazy Boy recliner from the top resellers in Victoria at Valentines Furniture in Bendigo.



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If you’re looking for quality and stylish furniture in Bendigo, then look no further than Valentines Furniture. Not only do we stock a high standard of fashionable furniture but we also offer the best prices and the highest value.

Best Brands

We stock all the biggest brands that you could want in a furniture store in Bendigo. Whether it’s a Stressless chair you’re after, a Lazy Boy recliner or a Moran sofa, you can find all the best brands at Valentines Furniture.

Great Savings

Not only do we stock the best brands but we also have the best prices in Bendigo on these incredible designer brands. Whether you’re looking to freshen up your home’s look with a new recliner, sofa, lounge suite or accent chair, you can get the best price at Valentines Furniture.

Amazing Sales

We stock the biggest and best brands in furniture and these beautiful pieces will sometimes go on sale. Grab yourself a true bargain by visiting our furniture store in Bendigo or by getting onto the website and checking out our furniture sales.

We Deliver

Valentines Furniture can also deliver your furniture to anywhere you need it to go. Whether the furniture is for your home or your office, we have affordable rates on delivery that will leave you pleased you chose Valentines Furniture.

Close to Home

You can conveniently shop for the best prices, in the biggest designer brands of furniture close to home at our Bendigo furniture store. Take the hassle out of shopping for the incredible furniture by shopping local at the Valentines Furniture store in Bendigo.

Shop Online

Can’t get to our beautiful furniture store in Bendigo? That’s okay! You can shop the best brands in furniture at the best prices at the Valentines Furniture online store in the comfort of your own home.

Get the best prices on designer brand furniture with Valentines Furniture Bendigo!



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There is something about Italian furniture that sets it apart from the rest. Whether you’re looking to update or just understand why Italian furniture can enhance any room in your home, you’ll be inspired by the beautiful collection of Italian influenced Nouveau furniture.

Designer Brands

You can find designer brands right here in Australia that encapsulates and embodies all the intricate and artistic details that you’ll find in fine Italian furniture. Inspired by the Verona Region in Northern Italy, the Nouveau collection of impeccably designed and stylised furniture has all the characteristics of classic yet modern Italian furniture.

Works of Art

It is true what they say of Italian furniture, they are true pieces of art. If you’re looking to add some true cultural artistic design to your home then fitting your lounge with beautifully designed Italian furniture is exactly how you can achieve it. Ensure your home encapsulates the essence of style and sophistication with Italian inspired furniture by Nouveau.

Built to Last

Not only is modern Italian furniture impeccably designed and crated to a fine art, it is also built to last. Whether it’s the wear that occurs with daily living or from the need to show off your home to guests, Italian furniture is crafted in a manner that truly lasts a lifetime. Nouveau bring to you the finest collection of Italian styled furniture that is truly built to last.

Versatile Styles

The best part about Italian furniture is that there is a design that will suit almost any taste and décor. Whether you’re looking for something classic or something ultra-modern, you can find it in the Nouveau collection of Italian inspired furniture.

Where to Find Italian Furniture

A wide range of the Nouveau Italian inspired furniture that is made right here in Australia is available to browse and indulge in right here in Bendigo at Valentines Furniture. You can even shop this impeccable collection at our online store.



Comments Off on Why Valentines Furniture in Bendigo Is Your One-Stop Furniture Store

Looking to update your home with the latest and biggest designer brand furniture? Valentines Furniture in Bendigo are your one-stop furniture store. Whether you’re looking for a beautiful lounge suite, superb recliner or just looking to update with stylish homewares, then Valentines Furniture will leave you breathless.

Modern Designs

If you’re looking for the latest in modern designer furniture, then Valentines Furniture is the place to shop. Valentines Furniture has a host of sofas, recliners and home wares in the latest styles and fabrics. So, if you want to fill your home with sleek and modern Italian furniture, then visit the Valentines Furniture showroom in Bendigo.

Designer Brands

Valentines Furniture is where you’ll find the biggest and most luxurious designer brands available in furniture stores in Bendigo. We stock the latest collections from Stressless, Moran, Lazy Boy, IMG and Molmic. Come shop the finest designer brands available at Valentines Furniture in Bendigo.

Wide Range

When it comes to furniture stores in Bendigo, Valentines Furniture has the widest range of all your favourite designer brands. Whether you’re shopping for the perfect sofa, that exquisite recliner or stylish accent chair, Valentines Furniture’s extensive range will be sure to please.

We’re Local

Looking for a furniture store in Bendigo? Valentines Furniture are located conveniently at 56 Beischer Street, Bendigo. There’s no need to go outside Bendigo to get your modern and designer furniture in the biggest designer brands available. Shop locally in Bendigo with Valentines Furniture.

Shop Online

Not only can you visit our beautiful furniture store in Bendigo, you can even shop the biggest brands in our online store. Effortlessly search on the type of furniture on your wish list and you can find all our dazzling furniture to shop from your living room. We deliver too! It’s that easy to find brilliant furniture with Valentines Furniture in Bendigo.



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If you’re looking for sofas, recliners, accent chairs or homewares that ooze style and sophistication then look no further than Valentines Furniture. Not only are they proud resellers of the finest and biggest designer brands but each piece is the epitome of quality and durability. Valentines Furniture are conveniently located in Bendigo.


When it comes to furniture, quality is absolutely everything. It is no good to have a beautifully designed piece of furniture if it isn’t of the highest quality. At Valentines Furniture, we only stock brands and furniture that are of the highest possible standard.


Not only are our furniture products of the highest quality, they are also built to last. You need furniture that is going to withstand the test of time and that will endure the wear of daily living and life. The furniture at Valentines Furniture in Bendigo is built for style and durability.


Our designer brands, including Molmic, Moran and Tessa, embody every ounce of sophistication. If you’re looking to create an air a sophistication and impeccable design into the feel of your home then the classic and modern furniture pieces available at Valentines Furniture will do just that.


Not only is there an air of sophistication and intrinsic quality to every piece of furniture available at Valentines Furniture, there is also an entwined sense of artistry to every piece. This is truly embodied by the fine Italian inspired artistic nature of the furniture collection offered by Nouveau which is available to purchase at Valentines Furniture.

True Style

When it comes to the designer brands of furniture offered at Valentines Furniture, they truly epitomise a true sense of style. If you’re looking to update your home then Valentines Furniture in Bendigo is the place to find the most stylishly designed pieces available in Australia.