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If you’ve made the investment into a beautiful Stressless recliner chair, a fine timber dining set or La-Z-boy recliner, then you’re going to want to ensure that the leather or fabric remains in pristine condition for as long as possible.

To assist you with this, there are a number of furniture care products available that will help prolong the life of your sofa, lounge suite, chair or recliner. These range from products for cleaning your upholstery, furniture polishing products and kits to protect the surfaces of your furniture from future wear.

Browse through Valentines Furniture’s range of furniture care products to find the perfect solution to ensure you maintain your leather and fabric furniture’s look, quality and durability for years to come.

Fabric Furniture Care Products

Fabric sofas, recliners and lounge suites are a beautiful addition to any room and can be mixed and matched to suit any décor. No matter your style or taste, you’ll find the right look to enhance your space and add an air of style and sophistication with a fabric sofa, lounge or recliner.

However, fabric sofas and recliners can build up with dirt and grime from everyday use and over time, this can cause the fabric’s colour and vibrancy to fade and become dull.
But there is action you can take right now to ensure that your fabrics remain vivid for years to come.

There are a range of furniture care products for all types of textiles and fabrics to remove unsightly stains, clean away dirt and grime and simply protect and maintain the cleanliness of your sofa or recliner’s fabric.

Valentines Furniture in Bendigo offers a complete range of Fabric Furniture Care Products online or in our Bendigo based furniture store. Shop with us today!

Leather Furniture Care Products

Leather furniture upholstery remains one of the most popular choices of luxury furniture for the modern home. It is a beautiful investment that is durable and hard-wearing and brings a classic yet modern sophistication to any room.

However, with time and daily use of our leather furniture, grease and oil from the hands and neck transfer onto the leather which can break down the clear finish on the surface.

For this reason, Valentines Furniture stock a range of products at our Bendigo store that are available to purchase online for protecting your leather furniture and creating a barrier against grease and oil.

They also offer a range of leather furniture care products for keeping your upholstery clean and maintaining against everyday spills, dirt and ink that may find its way onto your furniture’s surface area.

This range of leather furniture care products protect and clean your leather surfaces with gentle formulas that won’t cause any adverse reactions or irritation to the leather. It’s an effective way to maintain the look and pristine condition of your leathers.

Timber Furniture Care Products

If you have invested in a beautiful timber dining set or a fine wood coffee table, then you’re going to want to ensure it maintains its gloss shine for as long as possible. With the right timber furniture care products you can maintain that look for years to come.

Specialised cloths have been developed to ensure fine dust is removed from wooden furniture without scratching or marking the finish.

There are also a range of high quality timber furniture polishing products on the market and these are available for purchase online or in our Bendigo store.

Make Your Furniture Last!

Whether you’ve purchased a sophisticated leather Stressless recliner chair, a comfy La-Z-Boy recliner or a stunning 7 piece timber dining set, you’ll want to ensure it remains in immaculate condition for as long as possible.

At Valentines Furniture in Bendigo, we stock a range of products to protect and preserve all types of leathers, fabrics and timber with our extensive collection of furniture care products. Shop online today!