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When it comes to IMG furniture, designing each piece with the human body in mind is at the forefront of every decision that is made. They take great pride in understanding the human needs hierarchy when it comes to the lounge suites, recliners and chairs that they design.

IMG Furnitures

IMG Ergonomics

IMG utilise the “science of ergonomics” and they employ their cutting edge technological know-how and traditional furniture design and production values to create seating and lounge suites that truly fit to the human body. IMG Furniture exemplify values of providing true comfort in each piece of furniture they create.

This sophisticated technology used to create IMG seating includes one-off mechanisms, “cold-cured moulded foam, ultra-sonic wood lamination”” and an individually designed steel framing used in every IMG piece. They are ahead in this technology and it is this that separates IMG furniture from competing brands on the market.

Innovation of Style

Although the foundation for each IMG furniture piece is the human form, they do not compromise on style. In the eyes of IMG, the stylish looks and aesthetics of each piece is an added bonus that they are able to provide to their many customers, whom have become proud owners of IMG furniture.

If you’re looking for a lounge suite, recliner, or even a stylish office chair, buffet or coffee table, then IMG bring that to you in a sophisticated, attractive and stylish way that we’ll be sure to compliment the look and feel of any home or office. If you’re looking to add style to a room, then IMG furniture is for you.

The IMG Range

IMG Recliners & Chairs

A part of the IMG collection you simply cannot go past is the IMG recliners and chairs. They feature a one of a kind and distinct mechanism for adjusting the recliner and are all built with the IMG ergonomic design and technology.

They’re also built to last, in all aspects from the foam utilised, the reclining mechanism and the fabric and frame that is used. If you want to have a chair or recliner that you can enjoy in comfort for years to come, then you need an IMG recliner.

Another aspect that cannot be looked passed is the fine attention to detail and true craftsmanship of each IMG recliner and chair. The recliner and ottoman combinations are sophisticated, yet regal. They make an excellent addition to a lounge room, study or simply to relax in comfort in a reading nook.

IMG Lounge Suites

Every detail in an IMG lounge suite has been considered, right down to the functionality, comfort and ergonomic design of the headrests and the lower back support. The design has spine and neck support in mind, so you know you’ll achieve long term comfort and not stress your back and neck in the future. You’re every need is taken care of with an IMG lounge suite.

The IMG lounge suites comes in a range of fine leathers, in an assortment of stylish colours. There is a leather upholstery to fit to any taste, style and décor.  There is a choice of reclining sofas or stationary sofas, and both come with the built in ergonomics and aesthetics that have become part of the signature of IMG furniture.

Where to Buy IMG Furniture

If you’re looking to enhance your home or office with an IMG recliner or lounge suite, then Valentines Furniture offer a range of styles and colours to meet your needs. Come visit our Bendigo store or shop with us online.