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The Stressless recliner is one of the most well-known recliners ever to be released and they’ve been perfecting this signature style and comfort since the Stressless recliner’s conception in 1971. With a designer Scandinavian look and feel to every recliner, it’s not hard to see how innovative the Stressless recliner truly is.

Streless recliners

Innovators of Comfort

With a company mission of creating the most comfortable seating in the world, it’s no wonder that Stressless are the innovators of comfort. Stressless recliners offer unparalleled support to your back and neck and the innovative Stressless Glide system is truly intuitive to the human body. Every element of a Stressless recliner is designed to work in unison to create a total innovation in comfort and relaxation that meets the needs of every inch of your body.

Designer Influence

For Stressless, it’s not just important that their “comfort engineers” are experts in contouring to the human body, they also ensure that they stay ahead of the latest fashions to draw inspiration for future Stressless recliners. They say inspiration can come from anywhere, including the catwalks of Milan! From the fashions of Milan, Stressless are able to transform and transfer these trends to create the newest additions to the Stressless Recliner collection.

The Stressless Name

It is absolutely vital that each Stressless Recliner that is produced is worthy of carrying the Stressless name and it is this commitment to superior quality that sees Stressless ahead of the game when it comes to designer recliners. They’ve even developed a “product council” to ensure that stringent standards are adhered to before any Stressless recliner is released. Only the best recliners earn the Stressless name.

Come Visit a Stressless Recliner

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