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There is something about Italian furniture that sets it apart from the rest. Whether you’re looking to update or just understand why Italian furniture can enhance any room in your home, you’ll be inspired by the beautiful collection of Italian influenced Nouveau furniture.

Italian furniture

Designer Brands

You can find designer brands right here in Australia that encapsulates and embodies all the intricate and artistic details that you’ll find in fine Italian furniture. Inspired by the Verona Region in Northern Italy, the Nouveau collection of impeccably designed and stylised furniture has all the characteristics of classic yet modern Italian furniture.

Works of Art

It is true what they say of Italian furniture, they are true pieces of art. If you’re looking to add some true cultural artistic design to your home then fitting your lounge with beautifully designed Italian furniture is exactly how you can achieve it. Ensure your home encapsulates the essence of style and sophistication with Italian inspired furniture by Nouveau.

Built to Last

Not only is modern Italian furniture impeccably designed and crated to a fine art, it is also built to last. Whether it’s the wear that occurs with daily living or from the need to show off your home to guests, Italian furniture is crafted in a manner that truly lasts a lifetime. Nouveau bring to you the finest collection of Italian styled furniture that is truly built to last.

Versatile Styles

The best part about Italian furniture is that there is a design that will suit almost any taste and décor. Whether you’re looking for something classic or something ultra-modern, you can find it in the Nouveau collection of Italian inspired furniture.

Where to Find Italian Furniture

A wide range of the Nouveau Italian inspired furniture that is made right here in Australia is available to browse and indulge in right here in Bendigo at Valentines Furniture. You can even shop this impeccable collection at our online store.