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The modular sofa is a versatile and eye catching furniture piece that can be a major feature in your lounge or family room. The benefits for choosing a modular are many. This style of lounge is popular as you can break it into sections and arrange and rearrange it to obtain a variety of configurations. This includes the simple straight line sofa as well as L and U shaped arrangements.

Have a stretch out space for watching TV, or a 3 seater sofa plus lounge chair. When cared for correctly a quality modular sofa will last you for years. There are many looks from casual to elegant and a range of different fabrics including quality leather.

Choosing the Perfect Modular Sofa

With a modular sofa everyone can gather in one perfectly comfortable zone – as long as you pick the right lounge! Think about the style and fabric that you would like, and whether the colour scheme goes with your existing furniture and décor. There are many different textures, colours and design styles if you wish to add interest to your home.

Your sofa can be any size so consider the space that you have available in your living or family room. Take measurements before you select your sofa.

There are many quality fabrics available when it comes to modular sofas. Choose from leather or other quality fabrics. Also think about the wear and tear your lounge suite will receive and how robust the sofa needs to be.

Valentine Furniture stores can help you to choose the best sofa for your Bendigo home.

Modular Sofas Bendigo

Florida Modular Lounge

Ensure that your Sofa is Comfortable Comfort is super important in a sofa. As well as being aesthetically pleasing you should be able to sink into it at the end of every day and really relax. There should be ample room for the whole family, including your fur babies if they are permitted on the lounge.

Comfort test the sofa before making a purchase. We welcome you to come into our furniture shop and sit and lie down on the lounge. There are many modular sofas to choose from and you should be satisfied that the lounge you choose meets your comfort levels.

Modular Sofas Bendigo

Prague Modular

Coordinate with Your Existing Furniture You may have found the perfect sofa but does it coordinate with your existing furniture and décor? Your modular sofa should match your colour scheme, or alternatively choose a contrasting colour as an eye catching feature if you have neutral tones. Chocolate brown, cream, and shades of grey are all in vogue and are classic colours that will stand the test of time.

Modular Sofas Bendigo


Quality Brands A superior brand of sofa not only gives you a great look but provides value for money and will come with a warranty. You have peace of mind that it will last for years to come.

Affordability With a modular lounge there is usually no need to buy extra chairs or seating. The sofas are generally designed for group seating. This saves you on cost.

Your lounge suite is one of the more expensive items of furniture for your home, and you want to ensure that you receive value for money. Check out the furniture sale at our Bendigo store to see if your coveted modular sofa is on sale.

Maintenance of your Modular Some sofas require more upkeep than others. If you have children or pets, consider whether a pale fabric is realistically going to keep new looking with minimal care. Valentines Bendigo furniture stores have a range of furniture care products with which you can maintain your upholstery and have it looking its best at all times. These products include leather care kits, leather soft cleaner and nubuck eco protector.

Valentines Furniture’s friendly, expert team can help you to choose the best modular lounge to suit your needs. Contact us online today, or call into to our Bendigo Furniture stores for great service and advice.


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There is something absolutely captivating about the chesterfield sofa. They are a true symbol of traditional, premium craftsmanship and, although initially designed in the 1800s, that still holds true today.

Despite the design of the chesterfield sofa being born centuries ago, the style and design remains very much the same today and still holds a strong place in people’s homes, offices and their hearts.

Creating The Perfect Study or Office

If you have a library or large study in your home, or you have an office or practice from within your home, then you want to add a seating piece that will truly complete the room and give it character. You want a place where you can sit and think and immerse yourself in the knowledge of the books and documents that you consume there.

It may not even be your home, but perhaps your practice or office space, where clients frequent and you want to create a décor that says that you’re a professional but yet is welcoming and comfortable for a client or patient to sit and spend time.

If that’s the case, then there is nothing quite as grand as having the commanding chesterfield sofa, with its engrained feel of wisdom and history oozing from the leather, set up in your study or office.

Elegant Traditional Taste

The traditional style has certainly ingrained itself in the modern home, and it still holds strong as a popular choice of décor for many homes and offices across Australia.

There really is no more traditional looking sofa than the chesterfield, and for that reason, it remains one of the most popular choices for completing this look in your home or your office space.

The chesterfield sofa has such a distinct sense of elegance that is unseen in other sofas available in the market today. It’s enriched feel of tradition and untold history, truly creates an elegant designer look in any room that the chesterfield graces.

Make It Modern

Although world-renowned for being steeped in tradition and with origins dating back to the 1800s, the chesterfield still maintains its role in the modern household and for this reason it retains its popularity, even in a younger generation of buyers.

With the right modern touches, the chesterfield is effortlessly brought into the 21st century and it is this versatility that has kept the chesterfield in fashion for many centuries.

Pair the chesterfield with a vibrant modern geometrical rug, a bold accent wall colour and you have the makings of an ultra-modern space, utilising a chesterfield sofa design that has been around for centuries.

Enjoy the Comfort

Although they can be the embodiment of classic design and make a stunning addition to any home, the chesterfield sofa are also renowned for being the ultimate in comfort. The chesterfield sofa has the ability to offer extreme relaxation to anyone who is lucky enough to rest on it.

The most comfortable chesterfield sofa styles are the ones where the backrest is slightly angled backward, giving a better alignment with the spine. The options available can create a softer or a firmer seat, but that usually comes down to personal preference.

That’s why it’s a great idea to visit a chesterfield sofa stockist in Bendigo, so you can enjoy the comfort in person and find the one that is absolutely perfect for your personal preferences. Valentines Furniture have chesterfields on display for you to test out and enjoy.

Where to Find a Chesterfield Sofa

If you’re in search of a chesterfield sofa to complete that traditional look in your home, office or study, or you want to add a chesterfield to a funky modern space, then contact the friendly team at Valentines Furniture or visit our store at 56 Beischer Street, Bendigo, Victoria. Shop with us today!


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There is something distinct about the uncompromised luxury that comes from the Moran Furniture range. Moran have styles to meet the most contemporary of tastes yet have still managed to hold true to that classic styling in many of their sofas and Moran chairs. Whatever your taste, you’ll be sure to find the perfect furniture to complete your home’s look with the Moran collection.

Chesterfield Sofas

The chesterfield sofa is one of the most recognised sofa designs across the world and has been a popular feature of homes for over a century. No one does the chesterfield sofa quite like Moran, with a classic touch and hand studding that makes each piece a work of art. The chesterfield style and sophistication are reflected in Moran’s Wellington Chesterfield three seater which is one of the many spectacular Moran Furniture pieces available at Valentines Furniture in Bendigo.

Moran Chairs

If you are looking to complete a living room space or add sophistication and style to an office, then the impeccably designed Romsey Wing Chair with ottoman from Moran Furniture is exactly what you’re looking for. With diamond button detail and that distinct Moran hand studding along the seams, this classic Moran chair embodies style and elegance. Moran chairs truly add a touch of class to any home or office space, so come see it for yourself at Valentines Furniture in Bendigo.

Moran Recliner Chairs

The recliner chair has made a surge in popularity in the modern home and the latest designs not only embody all that is true comfort, but an air of style and sophistication. This is certainly true of the Moran recliner chair, the Avalon, which comes with built in comfort and lumbar support in the contemporary yet classic designer style that you’ve come to expect from Moran Furniture. Come into Valentines Furniture in Bendigo to test out these beautiful Moran recliner chairs.

Contemporary Designs

The contemporary range of sofas from Moran Furniture are built for comfort and luxurious living, with generously sized proportions to ensure you have space to indulge. A perfect example is the Britannia three seater sofa which is designed in stylish leather and is perfect for creating a modern look that will enhance and elevate any home. If you want to create contemporary styling in your home that is sure to impress, then look no further than Moran Furniture.

Shop with Valentines Furniture online or visit our store in Bendigo for more Moran Furniture.

The Chesterfield is a style of leather sofa that that has been around since the 1800’s. This historic furniture type is believed to have been commissioned by Lord Phillip Stanhope, the fourth Earl of Chesterfield.

The Chesterfield is known for its distinctive quilted leather fabric, deep buttoning, and low seat. It is said that the Earl was a trendsetter and commissioned the Chesterfield to be fabricated so that gentlemen could sit upright without creasing the garment. This has not been proven to be true – however, being seated on the Chesterfield is a sophisticated manner in which to sit, and the sofa does have the Earl namesake.

The Earl had a great appreciation for the lounge and it is said that Chesterfields were commissioned because of admiration for his furniture. With the furniture aging and wearing well, the appearance only improves with time.

The Chesterfield sofa has kept its charm and distinguished name to this day. Primarily used in London’s gentlemen’s clubs for a long time, all variations of Chesterfield from the 1800s until now were inspired by the original item.

The Chesterfield has been successfully transported to other nations and it soon became a symbol of British style. It was commonly associated with gentlemen’s clubs, and a furniture piece for the men of the house. Men would often smoke their cigars and drink brandy on the Chesterfield, while the ladies of the house sat in chairs nearby doing their needlework.

Associated with luxury, the Chesterfield now is a sought after piece for many moderns homes. It has been used and associated with royalty, was a key piece in Victorian times, and has over the years furnished many hotels, restaurants, and corporate offices.

The Chesterfield is a well made and durable piece of furniture that is associated with style, sophistication, and luxury. It is the perfect blend of comfort and style.

For more information on our beautiful Chesterfield range, contact us at Valentine’s Furniture.

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