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If you’re looking for sofas, recliners, accent chairs or homewares that ooze style and sophistication then look no further than Valentines Furniture. Not only are they proud resellers of the finest and biggest designer brands but each piece is the epitome of quality and durability. Valentines Furniture are conveniently located in Bendigo.

Quality, Comfort, Style Furniture


When it comes to furniture, quality is absolutely everything. It is no good to have a beautifully designed piece of furniture if it isn’t of the highest quality. At Valentines Furniture, we only stock brands and furniture that are of the highest possible standard.


Not only are our furniture products of the highest quality, they are also built to last. You need furniture that is going to withstand the test of time and that will endure the wear of daily living and life. The furniture at Valentines Furniture in Bendigo is built for style and durability.


Our designer brands, including Molmic, Moran and Tessa, embody every ounce of sophistication. If you’re looking to create an air a sophistication and impeccable design into the feel of your home then the classic and modern furniture pieces available at Valentines Furniture will do just that.


Not only is there an air of sophistication and intrinsic quality to every piece of furniture available at Valentines Furniture, there is also an entwined sense of artistry to every piece. This is truly embodied by the fine Italian inspired artistic nature of the furniture collection offered by Nouveau which is available to purchase at Valentines Furniture.

True Style

When it comes to the designer brands of furniture offered at Valentines Furniture, they truly epitomise a true sense of style. If you’re looking to update your home then Valentines Furniture in Bendigo is the place to find the most stylishly designed pieces available in Australia.