At Valentine’s Furniture in Bendigo, our collection includes some of the finest designer brand furniture labels available. These include IMG, Moran, Molmic, Stressless, Tessa, La-z-boy and Nouvea, as well as the leading fabric and textile makers Warwicks Fabrics.

Our designer brand furniture is the essence of sophistication and will appeal to all tastes and styles. There are many advantages to choosing a designer piece of furniture as opposed to a mass produced and cheaper alternative. We explore some of the reasons why our brand names are the best choice for your home.


When buying a designer brand piece of furniture, whether it be a sofa, lounge suite, recliner or dining table, you know you’re buying a quality product. These pieces are built to last, using the highest quality materials, craftsmanship and design to create an unrivaled finished product.


When you purchase a brand, you are purchasing its reputation. These prestigious brands attained their reputation for fine quality through years of producing products that were just that. The collection of designer label furniture at Valentine’s Furniture pride themselves on ensuring their products are always of the highest standard to maintain the reputation of their brands.


Aesthetically it is the design of a piece of furniture that really demonstrates its superiority. The furniture in your home makes the biggest statement and having immaculately designed, impeccably crafted furniture in your home will create an instant, divine sanctuary.


Every aspect of a designer brand piece of furniture has been carefully designed to create the best possible end result. This means utilizing the finest materials, from the fabric through to the frames, to ensure every aspect is of the highest quality.

It’s this combination of having the best materials, with supreme designs, of the highest quality and backed by the reputation of an equitable brand that really confirms you’re buying the greatest possible furniture to showcase in your home. Come visit Valentine’s Furniture to see our quality products for yourself.

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