Open plan living is perfect for families and couples who want to bring the main living spaces of the home together as shared spaces. Open plan allows for each area to interact whilst still having its own unique and defined purpose.

An L-shaped space is one of the easiest open plan living area to break up into the three primary living parts of a kitchen, lounge room and dining room. Here’s some ideas on furniture placement in your L-shaped space.

Lounge Room

Usually, the L-shape will result in an outdoor area of the home being exposed to the indoors. Having the lounge suite facing the outdoor area, be it a nice garden, a view of the city or mountains or simply a pretty courtyard, really opens up the space even further. You’re options for lounge suites and sofas in this space are pretty broad so you can use your imagination with modular, sofas or recliners with the outdoors as the focal point.

Dining Room

Dining rooms in an L-shaped open plan area should follow the same principle as the lounge area, in that we are keeping the outdoors as the main focus. Positioning dining tables so you and your guests can admire the outdoors creates a great feel.


Most often the kitchen will be the room in the L-shape plan that is off to the side and it’s recommended that it’s joining to the dining room. However, this won’t stop you from creating an openness between the three areas. It’s here where islands and sinks added to benches facing outwards from the kitchen really allow you to feel like it’s one area.

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