InternasjonalMøbelGruppe (translating to ‘International Furniture Group’) or IMG, originated in the beautiful region of Sykkylven in Norway. Their furniture pieces are practical as well as aesthetic, and are intelligently produced to provide outstanding comfort and high quality.

Design Excellence

We choose IMG furniture because of its comfort, durability, and excellence in design. The brand is stringently designed, engineered, and tested in Norway. IMG are passionate about their products and are continually improving their designs. At Valentines Furniture we love the range of furniture that IMG produce. IMG’s drive, resourcefulness, attention to detail and creativity is apparent in every piece. Their designs are of a style that is simply not produced by any other brand.

Maximise Your Home’s Look

Using quality brands of furniture in your home you can maximise your look. Using quality items such as the IMG brand gives you the opportunity to create a consistent look throughout your home. You can mix and max other pieces during various seasons to update or freshen up your look. Mix colour with some classic pieces in the form of throw rugs and pillows, and don’t be afraid to change items around. Utilise lighting in the form of lamps or dimmer lights to create an impact.

Maximum Comfort

IMG of Norway put enormous time and effort into the design of their pieces. Each item of furniture is tested to ensure that it is built for maximum comfort and is made using the latest in technology. IMG are known for their comfortable recliner chairs which can be manual or motorized. There are a broad range of modern colour and designs available. Designs are compact, attractive and supportive with exceptional quality and comfort.

Leather Upholstery

The majority of IMGs products are made from leather. Leather has a lifespan of over four times longer than that of fabric making it hardwearing and durable as well as beautiful. IMG products are a fantastic way to offset your home and add a touch of elegance and comfort. At Valentines Furniture we choose IMG of Norway for its durability, quality, and
supreme comfort.

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