Your relationship with your sofa can prove to be one of the most time invested and long standing relationships you will ever have – so, it is essential that you choose wisely. If you want a sofa that will be in your home for years to come then there is a number of factors that you must consider before purchasing.

Size & Shape

These are the practical aspects as it must fit the room it is designed to be placed in. There are a number of shapes available today, whether it is a grand three-seater, a cosy two-seater or the popular modular, but which is right depends on your space. If you have a smaller room, then you want to create a cosy feel without being cluttered and weighing the room down. If it’s a larger room, you don’t want it to feel sparse and empty, so a larger sofa would be the ideal choice.


It is important to do your research before diving into purchasing the first sofa you fall in love with. There are vast differences in quality when it comes to brands and this needs to be factored in for the life and comfort of the sofa. This includes the frame, the fabric used, the quality of the springs and the materials used for the cushions. All these will determine the longevity of what you have bought and cheaper alternatives will be unlikely to last the distance. Researching brands you are interested in will give you a sense of the quality of the craftsmanship of the sofa which will play a vital role in long-term comfort.


Our sofa is a great place to relax and unwind and, therefore, the level of comfort that the sofa offers you will always be a deciding factor when you purchase. Take quality into account when making this choice, as a seemingly comfortable sofa now could easily deteriorate over time if it does not have a the quality components to last over time. Comfort level needs to fit the purpose of the sofa and this can be different for different people.

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