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Italian furniture is famed for its artistic style, elegant lines and seamless style. However, it’s always deemed to be a luxurious expense that many cannot afford. Italian furniture need not be yet a distant dream, with beautiful furniture pieces available right here in Australia at affordable prices.

Italian furniture

Why Italian Furniture?

Italian furniture has long been thought of as a true work of art. It is the epitome of style and sophistication. Italian furniture creates a luxurious look to any home with its impeccable lines, beautiful fabrics and lavish designs. It is a look that many have dreamed of yet always felt it was out of reach because of the high price associated with Italian furniture. However, you will find, that this is no longer the case.

Find It in Australia

You can now purchase Australian made furniture which is truly inspired by the Italian furniture style. Nouveau furniture are an Australian company who have travelled extensively throughout Italy, capturing and embodying the style, artistry and craftsmanship of classic Italian furniture. Their furniture style is inspired by the Verona Region of Northern Italy. That means, that the classic Italian style of furniture is now abundantly available to purchase and enjoy right here in Australia.

Don’t Pay High Prices

When it comes to Italian inspired luxurious furniture, you no longer have to pay the luxury price tag that comes along with it. Nouveau furniture is available to purchase right here in Australia and you won’t be paying the high price that you would imagine. That’s right, you can fill your home with stylish and classic Italian furniture at a price you can afford.

Purchase Italian Furniture

At Valentines Furniture, you can purchase Italian style, luxuriously styled furniture from Nouveau right here in Bendigo, Australia. Can’t get to our furniture store in Bendigo? You can even purchase Nouveau furniture at the Valentines Furniture online store. Get luxurious Italian style right here in Australia at affordable prices!