Open plan living has always been a popular choice for families across Australia as it creates a sense of togetherness within the home. The most common areas of the home to bring in conjunction with each other is the the lounge room, the kitchen and the living room.

There are some great ways you can bring these spaces together whilst still establishing the boundaries of each area. When working with a long room, each of the three section will be broken up into three square areas. Here we look at tips to creating the perfect open plan living space in a long room.

The Lounge

When it comes to the lounge room section, you have a lot of options to choose from for a lounge suite or sofa. A modular sofa will work well to define the square space of the lounge area or two 3 seater sofas facing each other will help to achieve the same look. Alternatively, you could look at a three seater sofa on one side and two armchairs across from it. Keep it parallel with the dining table and kitchen bench or island.

Dining Room

In a long plan zone it’s best to have the kitchen and dining room adjacent to one another. Having a link between the kitchen and dining area is great for meal times and even better for entertaining. Look for a long dining table and place it parallel to the kitchen bench or island as well as the sofas to keep the rooms in unison.


The kitchen works best at one end of the space where cabinets can be designed around the walls to utilize the space. Using a U-shaped bench or an island bench will simultaneously divide the dining room and the kitchen whilst still unifying the two areas and bringing them together.

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