If you’ve been looking for a new recliner to incorporate into your home or office space, one that provides pure, honest comfort and welcomes you into relaxation the moment you sit down, then look no further than the Stressless recliner chair.

Not only are the Stressless recliners the most comfortable seating experience on the market, they also offer flexibility with a range of colours and materials to choose from and have been expertly crafted with sustainability and eco-friendliness in mind.

Key Components – The Stressless Difference

The Stressless recliners consist of beautiful, sustainably sourced leather; soft, luxurious fabrics and strong, European Beechwood. The leather and fabrics come in a range of colours and the Beechwood comes in different finishes, allowing you to select the perfect look for your home or office.

These recliners also comprise of a multifaceted set of springs and a soft, quality foam that gently supports your entire body as you sink into it. All aspects of the Stressless recliner have been assembled with the highest level of comfort and enjoyment in mind.

Our Stressless range also consists of a free-standing ottoman that we believe makes a big difference to your seating experience. The ottoman is key to comfort and relaxation. When you fully relax into your recliner, your legs naturally move forward, leaving the ottoman to support them with its built-in glide function which gives a feeling of complete weightlessness.

Expertly Engineered Features

In today’s stressful world, we seldom have time to sit down and relax so when we do, we want maximum comfort. The Stressless recliners have been expertly engineered from the inside out with this in mind. Whilst we take pride on the sleek and modern designed of these recliners, it’s the work that has been put into the internal aspects of the Stressless that really make this recliner unlike anything else on the market. With its advanced lumbar support technology that moves with your body, rather than against it, the patented ‘glide’ technology which allows you to adjust your position effortlessly, the headrest to support your tired head and neck after a long day, and the intelligent 360-degree swivel system; there’s simply nothing else that compares.

Why the 360 Swing Component Is So Important

In order to be completely comfortable in a seated position, we need freedom of movement. Our bodies are constantly readjusting and have a natural resistance to being in one position for too long. The 360 Swing component of the Stressless recliner allows you to swivel a complete 360 degrees whilst you are seated. This also means that once you have found your most comfortable position, there’s no need to get up when you need to face another direction. With the slightest movement of your foot, you have complete control of your orientation.

What is the Glide System?

The glide system incorporated into each and every one of our Stressless Recliner chairs was designed to give you maximum flexibility in your movement and position, with very minimal effort. The glide system gives you the freedom to smoothly adjust your position, simply by shifting your body weight.

What is The Plus System?

The Plus System was designed to allow you to adjust the position of your head and neck, all the way down to your lumbar area simply by leaning backwards or forwards. We have studied the way the body moves to ensure the headrest and lumbar areas move in complete synchronicity for the perfect reclining experience.

If you would like to know more about the Stressless recliner chair or any of the Stressless furniture range, get in touch with the experts at Valentines Furniture in Bendigo today!

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