A quality and well-built designer recliner can be a wonderful addition to your living space and your lifestyle. Valentines Furniture, located in Bendigo, has a sophisticated range of recliners from the leading brands. Here’s what to look for in your next recliner.

Cushions & Filling

When purchasing a recliner it is important to assess the cushion and foam material that has been used for the support elements of the recliner. This includes the seating area as well as the back support. Check the feature details of the recliner to ensure it has a foam density of of 1.9 or even, ideally, higher.

Upholstery Choice

A leather recliner is the most robust and long-wearing upholstery choice that you can make, though it is also an often more expensive option and some will just not find it to their taste. If you prefer a softer look and feel then a synthetic microfiber is the best option. These come in a range of colours that will suit any décor and are far more moisture resistant than other fabric options.

Recliner Frame

Frame quality is paramount when selecting your dream recliner. The frame of a recliner faces far more extremities and wear than that of a stationary sofa. For this reason, it is essential to be well informed regarding the type of wood that has been used to construct the frame. A hardwood base made of a birch or poplar wood is the ideal choice. This will withstand the motions and pressure placed on a recliner with daily use.

Consider Safety

Most accidents with a recliner occur, whether it be adults, children or pets, within the space between the open leg rest and the end of the seat. A good rule of thumb is to ensure there is no wider space than about 12.5 cm between the two. As to with the lever, ensure that this is not going to be hazardous to hands that could become caught.

When you are ready to choose your ideal and high quality sofa, come visit the Valentines Furniture show room in Bendigo. Our friendly staff can provide all the feature details of our recliners to help you make the right choice for you.

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