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Your dining room is one of the most important rooms in your house. It is where everyone gets together to share a meal and enjoy each other’s company. The focal point, of course, will be the dining table as it is where the meal is served.However, a buffet table is another key piece too and if chosen correctly, can create maximum impact.

Here are five tricks to help match your buffet to your dining table:

  • Colour matters: if your dining room has had a makeover then why not do the same with a colorful buffet? Opt for a solid hue; something that compliments the rest of the decor.
  • Clever accents: Think a typical buffet and dining table combo is boring? Fret not. Opt for some clever accents in the form of lighting. A sideboard with integrated lighting would give a modern feel to the room.
  • Creative display: a buffet is not only for storage but can be used as a display platform as well. A well-placed buffet would normally occupy the longest part of the room, second only to the dining table. Utilise the ample surface area and use it to display your favorite pieces of art or delicate china.
  • Shift in style: why not try something different and opt for a floating sideboard or buffet? As the dining table would most likely occupy a lot of space, it’s not necessary to crowd the room with another heavy piece of furniture. A floating buffet would be a great shift in style whilst still sticking to the traditional option of having a sideboard.
  • Ample storage: a buffet should not be the dominant piece of furniture in the room. That belongs to the dining table. However, a buffet should serve its purpose and add strength to the overall look. Opt for one that is strong and comes with ample storage to hide all the clutter.