Like everything else in today’s world, there seems to be an endless sea of options when it comes to choosing sofas. There are so many styles, colours, fabrics and shapes that it can get confusing for anyone and if you are looking to furnish your space for the first time then you have an even harder decision to make. Fret not. Keep reading below to find out some steps to help you choose your ideal piece.

  • Think about size: if your living room is big, then you might want to think about how much of the room you plan on filling. On the other hand if your living room is small, you could play with different textures to create more impact.
  • Orientation matters: planning the seating arrangement for your living room is important in order to have a successful experience. Think about where the TV will be and if the seats will face it. If you plan to use it as a space to relax, you might want to think about decorating it with different seating options like chairs and floor cushions to give more seating options.
  • Shape of the sofa: once you have figured the purpose and have an idea of how many pieces you want in your living space, think about the shape of your sofa. An L-shaped is perfect for wide open spaces that need separation. Smaller spaces would do well with rounder pieces or you broaden your options and think about getting a chaise or a daybed.
  • Visual impact: whilst the main purpose of sofas are to provide seating spaces, they are also the largest pieces of furniture in your living room. This means, you should think about their upholstery, fabric type and even the pattern. All this put together create the ideal piece which can last the test of time.

Thoughts on colour: if this is your first time picking your sofa, opt for clean and simple styles with a neutral colour. However if you are a pro, some colour would create some drama.

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