Lounge rooms are important places in every house. They are the central point of the whole place- a space to get together as a family and discuss your day, a space to welcome guests and spend some quality time. You could even use it to spend some quiet time and read a book. It’s crucial that you lay out your lounge in such a way that it can be used in a multitude of ways.

Here are some tips on how to lay out your ideal lounge room:

  • Choose a focal point: this can be a large television, a piece of art of a fireplace. By choosing a focal point, you can arrange your furniture around it.
  • Encourage conversation: A lounge room is usually a place where people gather around to converse. Ensure your room does that by arranging furniture around in such a way that it encourages conversation. Place armchairs facing each other. If your room is extremely large, create multiple seating arrangements so guests don’t have to shout across the room.
  • Avoid blocking entryways: Whilst it’s important to have enough furniture in the lounge room to make it look great, don’t crowd it and especially don’t block entryways with large pieces like buffet table or large chairs.
  • Think about the orientation and measurements: It’s extremely important to think about the orientation of the sofa and table and other pieces of furniture you want in your room. This sets the mood. Pull furniture away from walls and keep enough space to walk between sofas and tables.
  • Clear clutter: Clutter in any form is a dampener. In order to make your lounge room shine, clear the clutter by organizing cables neatly, avoid piling too many books and magazines on the coffee table and keep a wastebasket to ensure your waste is collected in one spot and is not strewn all across the floor.

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