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You might have to move houses whether it’s a rental property or your dream home. Chances are you may have to move your furniture along as well. There are many things you need to consider when moving furniture like your dining table, lounge suite or even your bedroom suite.

Here are four rules to help protect your lounge suite during a move:

  1. Give them a thorough clean: like most things, furniture like sofa and lounges need regular maintenance and even more so during a move. Give your beloved pieces a deep clean so they are ready for transport. Ensure you use the appropriate cleaning solutions for the specific material.
  2. Disassemble before the move: Larger pieces of furniture can be hard to pack so make it easy by disassembling them. Remove legs and handles or take out drawers. In case of sofas, separate them if they are modular pieces and remove accessories like cushions and add-on inserts. Ensure you label and pack these pieces together so they are easy to assemble once you reach your destination.
  3. Cover to protect: After you have lightened your load by disassembling your furniture, you must ensure you pack them properly to make sure they stay protected throughout your journey. Fragile items like glass or lamps and mirrors need to be packed in plastic bubble wrap. However, in the case of sofas and lounge suites, opt for cloth covers or blankets and sheets to keep the dust away.
  4. Utilise clever storage: If you have a lot of furniture and have trouble storing them, you might be tempted to cram them all together in a messy heap. However, this could do more harm than good in the long run. Avoid stacking things on top of each other especially things like sofas and lounges. It could ruin the fabric and make them more susceptible to damage. Ensure you store the items neatly and leave a gap between each piece to allow for air circulation.