The ottoman has evolved greatly from the humble foot stool, a place to rest your feet whilst you enjoyed the other elements of your living room. Now the ottoman has been reborn as a style icon all on its own and it is an important element to consider when designing your living space.


When selecting an ottoman, a component of your choice will be the style and what the existing décor within your living room looks like. The ottoman need not be an afterthought, as it can really enhance the room in many ways. Select based on size, shape, design, colour and fabric are great ways to get the right look for your home. Modern ottomans come with a bold design that will add elegance to your living space in ways you’ve never considered.


The traditional functionality of the ottoman was merely a place to rest your feet, but this has changed dramatically over the years. Ottomans can provide ample storage solutions for living room essentials like blankets and pillows or even be a handy place to hide the kid’s toys and games. Whether it’s a place to rest your feet whilst enjoying your favourite chair, or an ottoman that doubles as a coffee table function, there are endless options out there to suit your lifestyle.

Focal Point

Where the sofa was once the focal point of the living space, the ottoman is quickly replacing this in many Australian homes. With the beautiful designs and stunning features, it is no wonder that many are utilising the ottoman as the main focal point in their living or family rooms. Modern luxury has evolved and with that has emerged the designer ottoman that can really be the show stopper within your living room.

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