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Stressless Furniture is impeccably designed. The beautiful leathers and comfy fabrics cover a fabulous structure that moulds itself to your body shape. Stressless has been scientifically engineered with extreme comfort in mind. Stressless recliner chairs, lounges, and furniture have been designed and created by Pfitzner Furniture since 1999 for the ultimate in relaxation and support.

The brand has been perfected over centuries of strict tradition, research and commitment. Stressless lounges and recliners are matched with modern ergonomic design which enhances its comfort and dependability.

Luxury and Comfort Combined

Stressless are luxurious and dependable. The materials are sustainable. and environmentally friendly. The brand is engineered for comfort from the inside out. the Stressless lounge and recliners provide you with solid lumbar support and perfect consistency and colour. Every attention to detail is given to ensure that the furniture has a longer lifespan and is sublimely comfortable.

Stressless furniture is aesthetic as well as durable.

Why is Stressless Furniture Unique?

The furniture comes with advanced technology which provides lumbar support which adapts to the movement of your body. The patented glide system allows you to glide and to adjust. Both the sofas and lounges have headrests which adjust to your body’s position, and a 360-degree swivel system.

What Type of Furniture is Part of the Stressless Range?

Stressless do recliner chairs, Ottomans, and lounges. The Stressless lounge is ever popular due to its supremely engineered support system and beautiful appearance. The range of Stressless furniture brings you the ultimate experience in personal comfort. Space aged injected cold cured foam is moulded directly over the frame and an extra layer of this foam ensures luxury and sublime comfort.

Stressless stand behind their products with a 10 year warranty.


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