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Italian furniture is the ultimate in elegance and sophistication. It never goes out of style. Italian homes are layered in luxury – their walls can be ornate trimmed, and they often have beautiful murals. Floors have quality marble or wood and plush areas have rugs strewn for extra comfort.

There are two main styles when it comes to Italian homes – modern design and classical Italian style.

To enhance and elevate your home with Italian décor you need to have an eye for extreme quality. At Valentines Furniture we can help you to achieve this exquisite look.

Supreme Sophistication

Italian furniture and décor are known for their overstated look. When this is properly done it retains its elegant appearance.

Italian furnishings are by nature ultimately glamorous and sophisticated. The elegance extends to every room in the home which includes the bedroom and study. The look is rich and opulent and is often layered.

Gold Gilding

High end Italian furniture is often gold gilded to give a look of luxury. This is popular in both traditional and modern Italian Designs. It is common in the fixtures of the home such as tiles, and in the veining of marble stones. It can be included in décor such as mirror frames and picture frames. It is prevalent in the home’s accessories.

Modern Italian Style

The modern Italian furniture style has its place in Italian homes. The furnishings and decor are still elegant and luxurious but are more streamlined and have more neutral tones, woods, and black and white shades. There are elegant touches such as an occasion crystal chandelier or quality gold accessory that would not normally be found in modern homes.

By choosing quality Italian furniture such as the Nouveau brand you can decorate your home with classic styles taken from styles from Venice to the Naples, and from Florence to Milan. Customised classic and modern Italian furniture can be ordered to suit your lifestyle.


For more information about beautifying your home with sophisticated quality high end Italian furniture contact us at Valentines Furniture.