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Purchasing furniture, whether it’s a sofa, lounge suite or recliner, is a major investment. In fact, furniture can be one of the most expensive items in your home. For that reason, you want to make sure you do everything you can to ensure its longevity.

Furniture longetivity

Maintain Cleaning

An important element to keeping your furniture lasting through the years is to ensure you maintain the cleaning, especially with furniture such as lounge suites and sofas. This can include vacuuming the furniture to rid it of dust and dirt that can build up and cause wear over time or removing stains with appropriate cleaners as soon as they happen.

Pets Off the Couch

Your pets can not only cause a build-up of dirt and fur that can be damaging to your furniture, they can also cause tears and create wear on the fabric or leather of your sofas and lounge suites. If you have pets, make sure you make keeping off the furniture a strict part of their training to ensure the longevity of your furniture.

Furniture Care Products

It’s also important to ensure you use the right products for cleaning your furniture. Not all products on the market are safe for furniture, despite what they might tell you. Valentines Furniture are proud resellers of safe and effective furniture care products that can be used on fabric, leather or timber. This is a great way to ensure your furniture has a long lifespan.

Choose Quality

When selecting furniture, what will ultimately determine how long the furniture will last is the level of quality that the furniture is made with. Durable fabrics, strong and sturdy frames and quality foams are all factors that will determine how long your furniture will last. At Valentines Furniture, we only stock the highest quality brands, so purchasing from us is a great way to ensure your furniture lasts.