La-Z-Boy has been the trusted name in recliner chairs since 1928.With 70 years of experience in designing and manufacturing furniture, they have certainly got it down to a fine art and are now the most trusted name in recliner chairs around the world.

La-Z-Boy is Iconic

Whilst La-Z-Boy was founded in America, its still a largely iconic name here in Australia. When most Aussies think of recliner chairs, La-Z-Boy is usually the first name that comes to mind. Why? Because reclining chairs were invented by the two cousins who started La-Z-Boy in1928! In 1961 however, the business really took off when the La-Z-Boy brand introduced recliners that not only reclined but rocked too. That year, sales went from around $1 million a year to over and above $52 million in the following 10 years. From there the La-Z-Boy brand introduced other types of furniture such as reclining sofas, fold-out sofa beds, and modular sofas.

Quality is Paramount

La-Z-Boy is well known for the quality of their recliners. Each piece is carefully and thoughtfully constructed with comfort and durability in mind. Every recliner is made from the highest quality hardwoods and reinforced with steel for strength. They also have a patented 4-sided ‘Unibody design’ which can only be found in La-Z-Boy recliners.

This means everyone who sits in a La-Z-Boy recliner will experience full body support with a focus on lumbar comfort, regardless of their seating position. Many other recliner brands construct their chairs with the back separate from the seat which results in a loss of lumbar support.

The Best La-Z-Boy Prices

La-Z-Boy is a family owned business just like us here at Valentines Furniture. So, for the most competitive La-Z-Boy furniture prices, contact Valentine’s furniture in Bendigo today.

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