Open plan living spaces are the perfect way to create multiple spaces that work in harmony together. With the right layout of furniture and homewares you can bring each area together whilst still making each space its own.

Creating an open plan living environment within a square space can come with extra challenges. The space doesn’t break up neatly into three spaces as it does with a long or L-space. Here’s some ideas for laying out your square open plan living space.

Lounge Room

The best way to divide the square open plan area is to spill it in half, with one half the long rectangle lounge, and then split the other half between the kitchen and dining. In this kind of space, the perfect sofa or lounge suite will be something long that can complete and fill the space so it doesn’t feel empty. A long L-shaped or modular sofa will serve the space well. Alternatively, one long with recliners and armchairs that allow for scattered placement will fill the space and make good use of the room.

Dining Room

In your dining room you’ll have the option of using a rectangular, square or round dining table. If you choose a rectangular dining table then it’s best to place it parallel with the kitchen bench or island. You can create boundaries with the kitchen through benches but it can be more difficult defining the line between the lounge and dining. You can create the illusion of lines between the spaces with the placement of the furniture and the use of side tables and rugs.


A kitchen in a square space can really work to combine the kitchen with both the living and dining rooms. You can create a cohesion across the different spaces through shared color schemes and décor. Whilst you can divide them with cleverly placed bench tops and islands.

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