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Italian furniture and fashion are created using the same distinctive styles. The look of both styles is creative, beautiful and unique. It is ever popular, the ultimate in sophistication, and is made with only the highest quality materials and workmanship.

Renaissance design and architecture dates back to early 15th century in Florence, Italy. In today’s home you will still see amazing pieces in two prominent styles – Classic or Modern styles.

Classical Italian Furniture

Classical Italian Furniture is designed with a proper sense of living and there is beautiful styling that can transport your home into something that befits royalty. The look and feel is opulent and super luxurious. There is an abundance of detail and chandeliers, accessories, pleats, gold, and marble are often used.

Gold gilding is often used which for some can seem a little over the top. Whether you want a stylish office, a beautiful elegant bedroom or a casual dining room space there is the perfect selection at Valentines Furniture. When you choose classical Italian furniture the look is always rich and elegant.

Modern Italian Furniture

Elegance and luxury is still certainly found in the modern Italian home.

The furniture is more streamlined and less ornate, but remains luxurious and of supreme quality. There are more neural tones but there remains an added touch such as a crystal chandelier or shiny accessory that is not usually found in modern homes.

Valentines Furniture has the latest looks in Italian furniture that are sure to delight and inspire you. Comfortable sofas, deluxe coffee tables, sideboards, TV units and more are created to give you a functional and beautiful look.

Our brands are versatile and durable. Adding some modern Italian furniture and décor touches to your home will add unexpected glamour to any room.


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