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Decorating your living room is an exciting prospect. The thought of putting pieces of furniture together to create a finished look is fun however it can also be a tad confusing. When it comes to seating options, a modular lounge suite seems to be popular for its flexibility and functionality.

Here are some ways on how you can position your lounge to ensure you create maximum impact:

  • Think about flexibility: when arranging living room furniture, it is important to ensure that the space is flexible and spacious enough to move around. Modular lounges are great for opening spaces and making a room feel bigger than it is.
  • Straight across: the simplest way of arranging a modular sofa lounge would be to place it so it would act as the focal point whilst the rest of the furniture are placed at a similar angle. This would help everyone to get a good look at the television or enjoy a warm fire.
  • Symmetry matters: a popular way of arranging furniture is placing them face to face. This means, placing a sofa and a pair of chairs or another sofa directly opposite each other. The focal point, whether a tv or fireplace could be on the other end. This seating arrangement works great when it comes to initiating conversations or just enjoy a movie as a family.
  • Don’t cut corners: if you have a modular sofa, you might be tempted to take the easy route and just push it against a corner. However, this could feel a bit claustrophobic especially if it’s a model with deep cushions. Pull it away from the wall to let in a bit of light and air and add some brightness by placing side tables with lamps on top.