Choosing any piece to enter your living space is a big decision, especially if it is likely to be a big feature of the room. A recliner is a wonderful addition to your living space, it brings both added comfort and a sense of overall style. Finding the perfect recliner can be the biggest challenge.

Style Matters

There is a number of styles of recliners available out there in today’s modern world, so there’s more opportunity to match your style with your recliner than ever before. Whether a leather fabric is more your style, or you prefer a darker or lighter fabric then that’s something to consider for your living space and how your new recliner will fit within the room.

Consider Décor

The recliner you choose has to fit with the room and your other furniture. That means you need to take into account the placement of your recliner and how it will fit in a harmonious way with your existing furniture. What ones are in the room? What is the colour scheme and what textiles are used? All these will come into play when selecting a recliner to fit an existing room.

Make Space

Take into account the space you have and keep in mind that you do not just need space for the recliner itself, you need it to be able to comfortably recline. This sounds obvious, but so many people don’t factor this in when making their selection and it is absolutely crucial.

Buy Quality

It can be tempting to go with a cheaper model but when you think about the complex mechanisms within your recliner, you need to make sure what you are buying is quality. Quality also ensures the fabric or leather will last, that the comfort level will be optimum and that the recliner will last you a lifetime without costly mechanical repairs.

Valentines Furniture stock a host of the most sought after brands at our Bendigo store and our friendly staff can help you to select the perfect recliner for your living space and your lifestyle.

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