The accent chair has become a statement piece in many a home across Australia. It creates drama, sophistication and style all on its own. There are some rules when it comes to choosing an accent chair and here is some advice to follow.


If you are utilising your accent chair as a true statement piece then you may want to opt for a colour that is a little more striking or daring than your current colours in the room. This does not have to be outrageous, just enough so that the accent chair serves its purpose as being the star of the room. This can be done is a taste and sophisticated fashion that blends well with your current colour scheme.


The design and style that you choose will be a big factor in whether or not your accent chair is successful. You want to keep to your current styling while still selecting something that will stand out. An elegant and well-crafted piece will be the optimum choice to create a centre focus without overwhelming the room.


One of the most essential elements to consider with an accent chair is where in your home it will be placed. If you want to create a focal point then why not consider enriching a hallway with a fine accent chair or creating a warm welcome in the entry way? Are you enhancing a dining or living space by adding in an accent chair that will draw the eye and add style and sophistication? The location will impact your selection.


It is important to also consider the practicalities. Will this be a place you will utilise often, or is it more decorative? If the chair will be utilised for sitting then you must consider or the practical details of comfort and durability. If the purpose is more decorative, then you can sacrifice some comfort and opt for pre style instead.

All this will sway the final selection and the helpful staff at Valentines Furniture are ready to help you select the ideal accent chair for your style needs. Come pay us a visit at our Bendigo showroom.

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