Ekomes ASA is the largest manufacturer of furniture in the Nordic regions and owns brands
such as Ekornes, Svane, and Stressless. Stressless is one of the more famous brands. They are
known for creating beautiful tasteful furniture designs and have something to suit every style.

Ergonomic Design

Their range of stylish chairs and lounge suites have been built with the ergonomics of the
human body in mind. Everything has been designed for extreme comfort and relaxation.
Stressless is a luxury brand that is extremely therapeutic, long lasting and innovative. Their
furniture is beautiful as well as functional and will withstand the test of time.

The first Stressless recliner was produced in 1971. Stressless has spent over 40 years studying
the human body to ensure that their items give us the utmost in comfort and support. They
continually refine and improve every detail. The innovate comfort design is incorporated into
the brand’s line of chairs, loveseats, and lounges. Individual adjustment is possible in each
lounge seat to maximise your comfort.

Creating Comfort Zones

The designers of Stressless are constantly researching furniture trends, innovation, and
design. They are known for producing unique comfort zones in their furniture pieces. These
zones are designed with holes in the foam so that you can relax and sink deeply into your
chair. This innovative design puts Stressless ahead of their competition when it comes to
comfort and advances in ergonomic furniture design.

Stressless provide the ultimate in furniture for comfort and leisure. The brand has been made
famous for providing extreme comfort at affordable prices.

There is something from the Stressless range to suit everyone. The furniture is not only
ergonomically brilliant but looks fabulous and will offset your home and décor. Stressless
build exceptional ergonomic pieces that are the ultimate in comfort, style, and longevity.

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